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Game Series Mario series
First Appearance Super Mario Bros. 2
Alias: Clawglip
Affiliation: Wart, 8-bits, Koopa Pack
Species: Crab

Clawgrip, also known as Clawglip, is a giant crab and a boss from Super Mario Bros. 2.


Super Mario series[]

Super Mario Bros. 2[]

Fought in World 5-3, Clawgrip would attack players by using his claws to throws boulders at them; in order to injure Clawgrip, these boulders would need to be caught by the player's character and thrown back at Clawgrip. After being hit repeatedly, Clawgrip would be defeated.

In Super Mario Advance, Clawgrip, instead of being a giant crab at the beginning of the battle against him, is simply a small Sidestepper. Clawgrip is grown to his giant size when he is engulfed by several bubbles which resemble the ones Wart is capable of spitting; once at this size, Clawgrip, in a stereotypical pirate accent, will exclaim "Yar! You'll make a tasty treat!" and begin to throw boulders.

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show![]

Clawgrip, from The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode, "Mario of the Deep."Clawgrip made a few, rare appearances in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, where he, along with Mouser, Fryguy and Tryclyde, was a minion of King Koopa instead of Wart.

"Rolling Down the River"[]

Clawgrip's first appearance in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! was in the episode "Rolling Down the River," where he manned the help of Captain Koopa's ship, the Sinister Star while Koopa was making Mario walk the plank. The Mouth of the River used a cannon to fire a Turnip at Clawgrip, knocking him to the ship's lower deck.

"Pirates of Koopa"[]

In a later episode of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, entitled "Pirates of Koopa," Clawgrip makes a brief appearance, being seen among the minions of Blackbeard Koopa waiting for his return to Pirate's Port.

"Mario of the Deep"[]

Clawgrip's last appearance in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! was in the episode "Mario of the Deep"; in this appearance, a Clawgrip appears to attack Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, Toad and their Mermushroom companion in a sunken ship; Mario, Luigi, Toad, Princess Toadstool and the Mermushroom all manage to easily avoid the Clawgrip though, by simply jumping over him and going through a nearby hatch that was too small for Clawgrip to pass through. The characters commented that this Clawgrip was simply a Clawgrip, implying that Clawgrips are a species.

Nintendo Comics System[]

In Nintendo Comics System, Clawgrip, instead of being a single character, was portrayed as a species, all of whom seemed to work for King Bowser Koopa.

"The Fish That Should've Gotten Away"[]

In the Nintendo Comics System issue, "The Fish That Should've Gotten Away," several Clawgrips appear among the monsters trying to defeat Mario; Mario manages to narrowly avoid these Clawgrips though, all the while being annoyed by Stanley the Talking Fish.


  • In the credits of Super Mario Bros. 2, as well as Super Mario All-Stars and the Japanese version of Super Mario Advance, Clawgrip is called "Clawglip." This is because the "r" sound in Japanese can be translated into both "r" and "l" in English.
  • In Doki Doki Panic, Clawgrip did not exist and his place as a boss was filled in by a third, albino Mouser. In the process of converting the Doki Doki Panic to Super Mario Bros. 2 for North American distribution, the programmers added Clawgrip, as this Mouser was perceived as too powerful.
  • In all three of his appearances in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, Clawgrip wore a blue bandanna on his head, though in "Mario of the Deep", Clawgrip's bandanna continues to disappear and reappear in some scenes.
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