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Clean Sweep (also called Mr. Boston) is a game released for the Vectrex.


You play a vacuum cleaner that's out to clean floors of a building that's being patrolled by machines resembling paper clips. With every "dot" that the vacuum picks up, it causes it to slowly fill up until it reaches the point where it can't pick up anymore. At this point, you must get the vacuum to the center chamber to empty it out, which will give you bonus points. The patrol machines will destroy your vacuum if they get a hold of you. However, by entering one of four chambers at the corners of the screen, you can temporarily power-up your vacuum to suck up the machines for points. When you clean the entire floor of "dots", you move on to the next screen, where the action gets faster and it takes much less to fill up your vacuum.


A customized version of the game was being offered by a liquor company called Mr. Boston as a promotional piece, hence the alternate title. In that version, the player controlled a top hat instead of a vacuum.