Cleopatra Fortune

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Cleopatra Fortune
Basic Information
Video Game
Taito, Natsume, Altron
Arcade, PlayStation, Saturn and Dreamcast
Retail Features
United Nations International Release Date(s)
Arcade machines
PlayStation and Saturn
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Cleopatra Fortune is a 1996 puzzle game created by Taito Corporation in association with Natsume. An arcade only sequel called Cleopatra Fortune Plus was released later in 2001 on the Sega NAOMI system. It was created in association with Altron instead of Natsume.

The gameplay is similar to Tetris in which the player has to direct blocks of stone and treasure to create closures which eliminates the treasure and adds to the player's score. Also if a full line of stone blocks is formed they will disappear in a similar fashion to Tetris and also add to the player's score.

The game's name comes from its mascot which is a super deformed version of queen Cleopatra. Additionally the game utilizes an Egyptian theme.

Initially having an arcade release, a PlayStation version and a Sega Saturn version were released in Japan, followed later on by a Dreamcast version in 2001. A PlayStation version was released in the US in 2003, with the original arcade game being released in Taito Legends 2.