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click to ten is a freeware clicker game developed and published by funl and cheman. It was released on Steam for Microsoft Windows on March 9, 2022. It was made using Unity.


click to ten is an interactive clicking game where you click it and you get it to go up there.


The gameplay of this game is extremely simplistic. When the player opens up the game, they see a screen showcasing a pure light gray background with nothing but the number at the center of the screen, colored in black. The number shown at the start is 0 if the player doesn't click on anything. However, once the player clicks anywhere on the screen, the number increases by one. The player can click a total of ten times, and during that time, the number is incremented by one for every click. Once the number reaches 10, the game will close off by itself.


Due to the extreme simplicity of this game, the entire game can be completed in a matter of a few seconds on average. The player can speedrun the game by simultaneously left clicking, pressing space bar, and pressing enter, all while doing them as fast as possible and continuously doing them until they reach 10.


  • The name of the game and the description on the right side are exactly the same.
  • Due to the game's extreme simplicity, reviews and guides that discuss a storyline or secret ending from the game, are jokes.
  • Some of the tags on its Steam page, such as "Psychological Horror", "Hentai", and "Sexual Content", are all jokes.
    • Because of this, games of these genres also show up, though mostly horror games.
  • This game is 60 MB despite it barely being a game at all.
  • The game's taskbar icon is the Unity logo.


  • Left click: Increase number by 1.
  • Enter: Increase number by 1.
  • Space: Increase number by 1.

System requirements[]

  • OS: Windows 10 - 11

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