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Clicker Heroes is a casual indie game available to play directly from the internet browser or downloaded on Steam. The game features an offline farming mode as well as several hero advancements.


Throughout the game, the player can unlock heroes by purchasing them with gold earned from monsters. Each hero has their own set of abilities and passive bonuses, which can also be bought with in-game gold.

Heroes can become "Gilded" through the use of Hero Souls found off bosses.


Monsters are fairly simplistic in this game, they do not retaliate against the player's heroes. Each monster has a health bar, which scales to the level of the current stage. After defeating a certain amount of monsters in each stage, the player can move on to the next, which offers monsters with more HP.

Bosses appear every five levels, providing a time-attack challenge. If the player's heroes fail to kill the boss, it's HP will reset.


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