Part of the Clock Tower Series. This is the first Clock Tower game outside of Japan.

This is where the Clock Tower Series took off, as much as it did. It was so successful that it earned a US release (as Clock Tower) and resulted in the remaking of the original game, Clock Tower, as Clock Tower: The First Fear. It is notable for the following:

  • Escape horror format; rather than readying a rifle or something of the like, the character is mostly defenseless. When being stalked by the lone enemy, they must find some object to use against them (which cannot otherwise be carried around) or some place to hide. Doing this will buy the player some exploration time.
  • A point and click interface, where the pointer would change when it hovered over something it could interact with, and without a choice of actions (the only specific action you could take with an object would be to use an item on it by choosing the item, then clicking what you wanted to use it with).
    • A 3D environment in which to use the point and click interface.
  • Multiple story paths.
    • The opportunity to play as one of two main characters; players can play as two more characters, depending on how they play the game. A fifth is also played, but only for an introductory, actionless level.
    • Scenarios which occur in separate locales. There are three scenarios, and they differ depending upon which character you are using.
  • Multiple endings, each one unique and different.
    • And multiple endings for either of the two main characters you play as.

The story, set in Norway and England, is as follows:

It has been a year since the Clock Tower murders, a series of killings that happened in the Burroughs Mansion in Romsdalen (misspelled in the game as Romsdaaren), Norway. The only survivor was Jennifer Simpson, now 15, an orphan who is now under the care of Helen Maxwell, a psychology researcher. Her story seems ridiculous; she claims to have been stalked by a seemingly immortal villain who carried a giant pair of scissors, among other horrors she and her friends faced. But, it's all over now, and all that is left behind is a small statue of a Devil...

Or so it would seem. Now, Scissorman seems to have returned, and is after Jennifer and Helen. However, Jennifer doesn't think it's the same Scissorman who stalked her before... this one seems more dark, more sinister. The secret to destroying Scissorman once and for all must be discovered, and the Devil Statue seems to be important. They'll have to travel all the way to England, to the Burroughs Castle, to discover the truth and put an end to the murders... but Scissorman will do anything he can to stop them!

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