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Cobra Command (Thunder Storm in Japan) is an arcade game created in 1984 by Data East. Cobra Command is a trial and error shooter game with anime battle sequences similar to Dragon's Lair. The game features a joystick and two buttons: one Machine Gun and one Missile. The game can be played with 1 or 2 players.


Terrorists are threatening the free world and has amassed a diabolocal force. Only the brave pilots of Cobra Command can vanquish the terrorist threat and save the free world from total destruction. The player assumes the role as pilot of Cobra helicopter.

The voice of the pilot's CO helps the player out with completing each mission by firing at enemy forces and dodging both enemy fire and natural surroundings.

If the pilot makes a mistake, the amine sequence shows the Cobra helicopter blown up and the player loses a life. If all lives are lost, the "Game Over" screen shows the Cobra in smoldering ruins and its pilot is presumably dead from the crash.



Terrorists have been running rampant throughout New York City and Cobra Command must drive them out while watching for traffic, high-rise buildings and even The Statue of Liberty.
While hovering over the Grand Canyon, terrorists have set up automated defense systems near the cliffs and tanks around the perimeter. Cobra Command must carefully watch for these defenses and take out the terrorists while maneuvering through the canyon without error.
Cobra Command hovers over an enemy naval fleet over the Pacific Ocean. Enemy naval fighters, battleships, destroyers and an aircraft carrier await Cobra Command. It's up to the pilot to sink all the enemy's fleet before they reach shore.
Terrorists have an outpost on Easter Island. Cobra Command must destroy the outpost and dodge enemy fire as well as the renowned Moai statues.
In the British Isles, the enemy has more defenses along the White Cliffs of Dover and near the English Channel. Cobra Command must destroy these defenses.
In Jerusalem, near the Wailing Wall, terrorists are causing unholy terror in the Holy Land. Cobra Command must eliminate the terrorists and restore peace to Jerusalem.
Terrorists have set up base within the caverns of the Himalayas and Cobra Command must safely maneuver through the confining network of caves before reaching its subterrainian base and destroying it.
Deep within The Amazon is another enemy base. Cobra Command must tread carefully and avoid contact with the jungle trees while firing at the enemy. Tanks, choppers and fighter jets attack at all sides including a multiple rocket launcher. Cobra Command must destroy all opposing forces and clear the Amazon.
Terrorists have set up a pipeline operation in the Sahara Desert. Cobra Command must navigate through the harsh desert climate and past tanks in order to enter the enemy's refinery before destroying it without casualty.
Cobra Command's final mission takes place at the terrorist's main base currently located in Indonesia. Naturally, this is the toughest mission ever. The main base is heavily fortified with traps, mechanized defenses and more firepower than an entire army. If Cobra Command can somehow maneuver safely past the obstacles, eliminate the enemy defenses and obliterate the core of the main base itself, the terrorist threat will be depleted.

With the free world safe, the CO acknowledges Cobra Command's pilot on a job well done and the Cobra returns to base for repairs and heroic accolades.