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Coded Illusions
Basic Information
Company Type
Video Game Developer
Video Games
computer and video game industry
Key People
Richard Stitselaar
Pieter Slingeland

Coded Illusions is a (now defunct) computer game development company based in The Netherlands, founded in August 2005, after a two-year as a hobby project.


Though the company hasn't made official announcements yet, it is known that the company is currently working on a third-person action/adventure game[1] for next-gen video game consoles.[2]

The company's website currently lists a project called Nomos but the link leads back to the front page.[3] The company's profile on Gamasutra names the game Haven,[4] but this profile is older than the project page on the Coded Illusions website.

While no further details have been released by Coded Illusions, it appears playtesting for the game has begun early 2008.[5]

The end[]

In September 2008, Coded Illusions announced to its employees that the company was closing and sent all of its employees home.[6]

The Future?[]

After the closure of Coded Illusions in October 2008, some of its former employees founded a new studio : Vertigo Games. Comments have been made by Vertigo Games about the possibility of the Nomos project being picked up again in the future vertigo games interview


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