Fair use is something that can be very difficult to precisely define, and in order to claim fair use, we must have some restrictions and caveats as to what images are permitted, and where they are allowed to be used, as well as placing restrictions on what images can be displayed on user pages (because using an image on a a user page represents a very different situation than an image being used on an article representing an encyclopedic entry on a given topic).

In this article, the different categories of allowed images and files will be outlined, and what falls under these permitted categories will be detailed as much as possible.

Film posters & screenshots

We are a wiki expressly dedicated to documenting games and video games; however, games can have other media that is involved in some way with the story or location of a game. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is an example of this, as it is directly related to the video game Final Fantasy VII.

Film posters should be kept to a reasonable resolution, as the image is meant for illustrative purposes only. Screenshots should relate to a specific issue or point raised within an article, or be of a scene deemed so iconic that it can be treated as a representative example of the film's content, enough to be treated as a general overview of the film itself with minor explanation.

Magazine covers

Video game magazines are an iconic part of history, and it is only fair they be documented. Any scans of the cover(s) of a magazine should be of a reasonable resolution; enough to illustrate the technology, game(s), and/or software featured or reviewed, but not enough for it to be seriously considered as suitable for printing or digital reproduction for the purposes of distribution.

TV screenshots

Many video games had television analogues that were either directly or tangentially related to the game(s) in question, often serving as lightning rods for merchandising potential, or used as conduits for a given franchise to achieve greater notoriety. In this case, the screenshot must of a television show', or other transmitted medium, and the screenshot must be directly cited in an article referencing it to indicate context to the cultural reach of that game(s) or franchise.

Videos and Video screenshots

In the age of streaming media and YouTube channels, it is inevitable that games will have video content available for reference. Because of players using in-game FMV and cutscene footage in gameplay footage on sites such as YouTube, it is permitted to link to videos of such content on YouTube, on the condition that such videos are either directly referenced in an article, or documented on a "/Video" subpage. Screenshots of specific scenes are subject to similar rules; the image must be directly referenced in an article, or documented on a "/Screenshots" subpage.