Codex Gamicus
Image Name Year(s) Category Developer(s) Publisher(s) Platform(s)
Box-Art-NA-PC-A-Blurred-Line.png A Blurred Line 2001 Video Game Lysander86 Microsoft Windows
Front-Cover-A-Boy-and-His-Blob-NA-DS-P.jpg A Boy and His Blob 2005 Video Game Skyworks Technologies Majesco Nintendo DS
Cosmice jelly aventure blob.jpg A Boy and His Blob: Jelly's Cosmic Adventure Video Game Pipe Dream Interactive Majesco Game Boy Advance
BoyandHisBlobNES.jpg A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia 1989 Video Game Absolute Entertainment Absolute Entertainment, Jaleco Nintendo Entertainment System
Bugs life.jpg A Bug's Life 1999 Video Game Traveller's Tales, Psygnosis, Tiertex Design Studios Disney Interactive, Activision, THQ, Midway Games Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color
A Chair in a Room: Greenwater 2016 Video Game Wolf & Wood Interactive Wolf & Wood Interactive Microsoft Windows
A Duel Hand Disaster.jpg A Duel Hand Disaster: Trackher 2017 Video Game Ask An Enemy Studios Ask An Enemy Studios Microsoft Windows
A Fairy Tale 2009 Video Game Reflexive Entertainment Reflexive Entertainment Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X
A Firm Handshake.png A Firm Handshake 2021 Video Game Torfi Torfi Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux
Logo-A-Fistful-of-Gun.png A Fistful of Gun 2015 Video Game Famergnome Devolver Digital Microsoft Windows
A Fold Apart.jpg A Fold Apart 2020 Video Game Lightning Rod Games Lightning Rod Games Microsoft Windows
A Fork in the Tale 1997 Video Game Advance Reality Interactive Any River Entertainment Microsoft Windows
Concentration2600.jpg A Game of Concentration 1978 Video Game Atari Atari Atari 2600
Game of thrones.jpg A Game of Thrones Board Game
75px A Good Snowman is Hard to Build 2015 Video Game Alan Hazelden, Benjamin Davis Draknek Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux
A Gummy's Life.jpg A Gummy's Life 2018 Video Game EP Games EP Games Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch
A Juggler's Tale.jpg A Juggler's Tale 2021 Video Game kaleidoscube Mixtvision Microsoft Windows
A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV 2016 Video Game Empty Clip Studios Square Enix PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Front-Cover-A-Kingdom-for-Keflings-INT-XBLA.jpg A Kingdom for Keflings 2008 Video Game NinjaBee Microsoft Game Studios Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows
A Little Golf Journey.jpg A Little Golf Journey 2021 Video Game Okidokico Playtonic Friends Microsoft Windows
A Lot of Videos for ME1 Mod Audemus, Mgamerz Microsoft Windows
A Lot of Videos for ME2 Mod Audemus, AnomalyDetected, Autoola, Kholdstare, Noble Auditore, Mgamerz Microsoft Windows
A Lot of Videos for ME3 Mod Audemus, AnomalyDetected, Autoola, Kholdstare, Noble Auditore, Mgamerz Microsoft Windows
A Lozenge.jpg A Lozenge 2020 Video Game Party for Introverts Party for Introverts Microsoft Windows
A New Leaf.jpg A New Leaf: Memories 2022 Video Game IronHeart Studios Crytivo Microsoft Windows
A new life..jpg A new life 2020 Video Game Angela He Angela He Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Linux, macOS
Nightmare on Elm Street 1989 Video Game Rare LJN Nintendo Entertainment System, DOS
A Perfect Day.jpg A Perfect Day 2022 Video Game Perfect Day Studio Perfect Day Studio Microsoft Windows
Front-Cover-A-Plague-Tale-Innocence-NA-PS4.png A Plague Tale: Innocence 2019 Video Game Asobo Studio Focus Home Interactive Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
A Raven Monologue.jpg A Raven Monologue 2018 Video Game Mojiken Toge Productions Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux
Front-Cover-A-Ressha-de-Gyoukou-MD-JP-SMD.jpg A Ressha de Gyoukou MD 1992 Video Game SEGA SEGA Mega Drive
A Rouge Escape.jpg A Rogue Escape Video Game Spare Parts Oasis Armor Games Studios Microsoft Windows
A Second Face 2008 Video Game Jospin Le Woltaire Microsoft Windows
A Slice of Life 2016 Video Game Rizing Games Android, iOS
Front-Cover-A Sound of Thunder-NA-GBA.jpg A Sound of Thunder 2004 Video Game Mobius Entertainment BAM! Entertainment Game Boy Advance
A Sound Plan.jpg A Sound Plan 2019 Video Game Studio Kumiho Studio Kumiho Microsoft Windows
A Space For The Unbound.jpg A Space For The Unbound TBA Video Game Mojiken Toge Productions Microsoft Windows
A Tale in the Desert 2003 Video Game eGenesis eGenesis Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux
A Tale of Two Kingdoms 2007 Video Game Crystal Shard Crystal Shard Microsoft Windows
A Vampyre Story 2008 Video Game Autumn Moon Entertainment Crimson Cow, The Adventure Company Microsoft Windows, macOS
A view to a kill.jpg A View to A Kill: The Computer Game 1985 Video Game Domark Domark, Tomo Soft Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, MSX, ZX Spectrum
A Way Out cover.jpeg A Way Out 2018 Video Game Hazelight Studios Electronic Arts Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
A*M*E*R*I*C*A 2001 Video Game Related Designs Software Data Becker Microsoft Windows
A-10 Cuba! 1996 Video Game Parsoft Interactive Activision Microsoft Windows, Mac OS
A10TankKiller.jpg A-10 Tank Killer 1989 Video Game Dynamix Dynamix DOS, Amiga
A-ga.jpg A-ga 2004 Video Game Illusion Illusion Microsoft Windows
ArankthunderCD.jpg A-Rank Thunder Tanjouhen 1993 Video Game Riot Telenet Mega CD
A-Train 6 2004 Video Game Artdink, Midas Interactive Sony Computer Entertainment Europe PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3
Front-Cover-A-Train-City-Simulator-JP-3DS.jpg A-Train: City Simulator 2014 Video Game Artdink Artdink Nintendo 3DS
A. B. Cop Title.png A.B. Cop 1990 Video Game Aicom SEGA Arcade
A.D. 2083 1983 Video Game Midcoin Midcoin Arcade
A.S.P. - Air Strike Patrol Coverart.png A.S.P.: Air Strike Patrol 1995 Video Game SETA SETA Super Nintendo Entertainment System
A.V.A: Dog Tag Video Game Red Duck Inc. Red Duck Inc. PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows
Front-Cover-AX-101-NA-SCD.jpg A/X-101 1994 Video Game Absolute Entertainment Micronet SEGA CD
A2 Racer II 1998 Video Game Davilex Davilex Microsoft Windows, PlayStation
Front-Cover-A2-Racer-III-Europa-Tour-EU-PS1.jpg A2 Racer III: Europa Tour 2002 Video Game Davilex Davilex PlayStation, Microsoft Windows
Logo-A2Be-A-Science-Fiction-Narrative-HB.png A2Be - A Science Fiction Narrative Video Game Vagabond Dog Humble Bundle Microsoft Windows
A=B.jpg A=B 2021 Video Game Artless Games Artless Games Microsoft Windows