Codex Gamicus
Image Name Year(s) Category Developer(s) Publisher(s) Platform(s)
At Eve's Wake.jpg At Eve's Wake 2021 Video Game Sugar Rush Studios Sugar Rush Studios Microsoft Windows
At Home Alone Final.jpg At Home Alone Final 2022 Video Game 阿正不经 0Cube Microsoft Windows
75px At the Carnival 1989 Video Game Cliff Johnson Miles Computing Mac OS, MS-DOS
Atari Anniversary Advance 2002 Video Game Digital Eclipse Infogrames Game Boy Advance
Atari Anniversary Edition 2001 Video Game Digital Eclipse Infogrames Dreamcast, Microsoft Windows
Front-Cover-Atari-Anniversary-Edition-Redux-NA-PS1.jpg Atari Anniversary Edition Redux 2001 Video Game Digital Eclipse Infogrames PlayStation
Atari Anthology 2004 Video Game Digital Eclipse Digital Eclipse Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox
75px Atari Football 1978 Video Game Atari Atari Arcade
Front-Cover-Atari-Karts-NA-JAG.jpg Atari Karts 1995 Video Game Miracle Designs Atari Games Atari Jaguar
AtariVideoCube.jpg Atari Video Cube 1982 Video Game Atari Atari Atari 2600
Front-Cover-Atelier-Annie-Alchemist-of-Sera-Island-NA-DS.jpg Atelier Annie: Alchemists of Sera Island 2009 Video Game Gust Gust, NIS America Nintendo DS
Front-Cover-Atelier-Ayesha-The-Alchemist-of-Dusk-NA-PS3.jpg Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk Video Game Gust Gust, Koei PlayStation 3
Front-Cover-Atelier-Escha-Logy-Alchemists-of-the-Dusk-Sky-EU-PS3-P.jpg Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky Video Game Gust Gust, Koei PlayStation 3
Front-Cover-Atelier-Iris-2-The-Azoth-of-Destiny-NA-PS2.jpg Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny 2006 Video Game Gust Gust, NIS America, Koei, THQ PlayStation 2
Front-Cover-Atelier-Iris-3-Grand-Phantasm-EU-PS2.jpg Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm 2007 Video Game Gust Gust, NIS America, Koei, THQ PlayStation 2
Front-Cover-Atelier-Iris-Eternal-Mana-EU-PS2.jpg Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana 2006 Video Game Gust Gust, NIS America, Koei, THQ PlayStation 2
Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland 2019 Video Game Koei Tecmo Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4
Front-Cover-Atelier-Meruru-The-Apprentice-of-Arland-NA-PS3.jpg Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland Video Game Gust Gust, NIS America, Koei PlayStation 3
Atelier Rorona 2010 Video Game Gust Co. Ltd. Gust Co. Ltd., NIS America PlayStation 3
Front-Cover-Atelier-Rorona-The-Alchemist-of-Arland-NA-PS3.jpg Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland Video Game Gust Gust, NIS America, NIS Europe, NIS Australia PlayStation 3
Front-Cover-Atelier-Shallie-Alchemists-of-the-Dusk-Sea-JP-PS3.jpg Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea 2015 Video Game Gust Gust, Koei PlayStation 3
Front-Cover-Atelier-Totori-The-Adventuer-of-Arland-NA-PS3.jpg Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland Video Game Gust Gust, NIS America, Tecmo Koei PlayStation 3
AthenaNES.jpg Athena 1987 Video Game SNK SNK, Ocean Software Arcade, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, Family Computer, Nintendo Entertainment System
Athena no Hate na? 1993 Video Game Athena Athena Arcade
Athena-psX.jpg Athena: Awakening from the Ordinary Life 1999 Video Game SNK SNK PlayStation
Athens 2004 2004 Video Game Eurocom Sony Computer Entertainment, Eidos Interactive PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows
Athletekings.jpg Athlete Kings 1996 Video Game SEGA SEGA Saturn
Athletic world.jpg Athletic World 1988 Video Game Bandai Bandai, Nintendo Nintendo Entertainment System, Family Computer
AticAtacLoadScreen.gif Atic Atac 1983 Video Game Tim and Chris Stamper Ultimate Play The Game ZX Spectrum, BBC Micro
Atlantica Online 2008 Video Game Ndoors Corporation Ndoors Interactive Inc. Microsoft Windows
Atlantis2600.jpg Atlantis 1982 Video Game Imagic Imagic Atari 2600, Magnavox Odyssey 2, Intellivision
75px Atlantis Evolution 2004 Video Game The Adventure Company Microsoft Windows
75px Atlantis II 1999 Video Game Cryo Interactive Microsoft Windows
Atlantis III: The New World 2001 Video Game Cryo Interactive Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2
Atlantis Sky Patrol 2006 Video Game Big Fish Studios Big Fish Games Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, iOS
Atlantis The Lost Empire: Search for the Journal 2001 Video Game Zombie Studios Buena Vista Games Microsoft Windows
Atlantis The Lost Empire: Trial by Fire 2001 Video Game Zombie Studios Disney Interactive Microsoft Windows
Atlantis Underwater Tycoon Coverart.jpg Atlantis Underwater Tycoon 2003 Video Game Anarchy Enterprises Activision Value Publishing Microsoft Windows
Front-Cover-Atlantis-The-Lost-Continent-EU-PS1.jpg Atlantis: The Lost Continent 2003 Video Game The Code Monkeys Phoenix Games PlayStation
Front-Cover-Atlantis-The-Lost-Empire-NA-GBC.jpg Atlantis: The Lost Empire 2001 Video Game Eurocom, 3d6 Games THQ Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation
Atlantis: The Lost Tales 1997 Video Game Cryo Interactive DOS, Microsoft Windows, Saturn, PlayStation
AtlasReactor.jpg Atlas Reactor 2016 Video Game Trion Worlds Trion Worlds Microsoft Windows
Ato.jpg Ato 2020 Video Game Tiny Warrior Games Tiny Warrior Games Microsoft Windows
Atomas 2015 Video Game Max Gittel, Sirnic Max Gittel, Sirnic Android, iOS
Atomega.jpg Atomega 2017 Video Game Ubisoft Ubisoft Microsoft Windows
Atomic Bomberman 1997 Video Game Interplay Interplay Microsoft Windows
Atomic Point 1990 Video Game Philko Philko
Atomic Punk 1991 Video Game Hudson Soft Hudson Soft, Nintendo Game Boy
Atomic Robo-Kid 1986 Video Game UPL UPL, Treco Arcade, TurboGrafx-16, Mega Drive, Genesis, Commodore 64, Atari ST, Amiga, Sharp X68000
AtomicRoboKidSpecialPCE.jpg Atomic Robo-Kid Special 1990 Video Game UPL NEC PC-Engine
Atomic Science Mod Calclavia Java
Atomic Society.jpg Atomic Society 2018 Video Game Far Road Games Far Road Games Microsoft Windows
Atomik.jpg Atomik: RunGunJumpGun 2016 Video Game ThirtyThree Good Shepherd Entertainment Microsoft Windows
75px ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree 2019 Video Game Wildboy Studios Wildboy Studios
ATRI.jpg ATRI -My Dear Moments- 2020 Video Game Frontwing, ANIPLEX.EXE Microsoft Windows
Atrio.jpg Atrio: The Dark Wild 2021 Video Game Isto Inc. Isto Inc. Microsoft Windows
Attack killer tomatoes.jpg Attack of the Killer Tomatoes 1991 Video Game Imagineering THQ Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy
Attack of the Movies 3D 2010 Video Game Panic Button Majesco Entertainment Wii, Xbox 360
Attack of the Mutant Video Game Dreamworks Interactive Dreamworks Interactive Microsoft Windows
Front-Cover-Attack-of-the-Mutant-Penguins-NA-JAG.jpg Attack of the Mutant Penguins 1995 Video Game Sunrise Games Atari Games Atari Jaguar
75px Attack of the Saucerman 1999 Video Game Psygnosis Sony Computer Entertainment, Fube Industries PlayStation, Microsoft Windows
AttackoftheTimelordOdy2.jpg Attack of the Timelord 1982 Video Game Philips Philips Magnavox Odyssey 2
Attack of the Zolgear 1994 Video Game Namco Namco Arcade
Attack on Pearl Harbor Video Game Legendo Legendo, CDV Microsoft Windows, Wii
Front-Cover-Attack-on-Titan-JP-PS4-P.jpg Attack on Titan 2016 Video Game Omega Force Koei Tecmo Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One
Attack Retrieve Capture 1997 Video Game Hoopy Entertainment Hoopy Entertainment, Total Entertainment Network, World Opponent Network, Sierra Entertainment Microsoft Windows
Logo-Attractio.png Attractio 2016 Video Game GameCoder Studios, Renderfarm Studios Bandai Namco Microsoft Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux
ATV Offroad Fury 3 Video Game
Front-Cover-ATV-Offroad-Fury-4-NA-PS2.jpg ATV Offroad Fury 4 2008 Video Game Climax Racing Sony Computer Entertainment PlayStation 2
ATV Quad Power Racing 2 2003 Video Game Climax Brighton AKA Acclaim PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox