Codex Gamicus
Image Name Year(s) Category Developer(s) Publisher(s) Platform(s)
CIA Operative Solo Missions.jpg CIA Operative: Solo Missions 2001 Video Game Trainwreck Studios ValuSoft Microsoft Windows
CID The Dummy 2009 Video Game Oxygen Games, Twelve Games Oxygen Games PlayStation 2, Wii, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation Portable, Zeebo
75px Ciel nosurge 2012 Video Game Gust Tecmo Koei PlayStation Vita
Front-Cover-Cinderella-EU-PS2.jpg Cinderella 2006 Video Game Aqua Pacific Phoenix Games PlayStation 2
Cipher Complex Video Game Edge of Reality Sega
Circuit Cover.jpg Circuit Breakers 1998 Video Game Supersonic Mindscape PlayStation
Circuit Superstars.jpg Circuit Superstars 2021 Video Game Original Fire Games Square Enix Microsoft Windows
Circus 1977 Video Game Edward Valeau, Howell Ivey Exidy Arcade
Circusatari.jpg Circus Atari 1980 Video Game Atari Atari
CircusCaper.jpg Circus Caper 1990 Video Game Toho Toho Nintendo Entertainment System
75px Circus Charlie 1984 Video Game Konami Konami Arcade, Commodore 64, MSX, Nintendo Entertainment System, Famicom
CircusLidoPCE.jpg Circus Lido 1991 Video Game
Front-Cover-Circus-Maximum-Chariot-Wars-NA-Xbox.png Circus Maximus: Chariot Wars 2002 Video Game Kodiak Interactive Encore, THQ PlayStation 2, Xbox
Cities XL cover.jpg Cities XL 2009 Video Game Monte Cristo, Focus Home Interactive Monte Cristo, Focus Home Interactive Microsoft Windows
Front-Cover-Cities-XL-2012-EU-PC.jpg Cities XL 2012 2011 Video Game Focus Home Interactive Focus Home Interactive Microsoft Windows
Front-Cover-Cities-XXL-EU-PC-P.jpg Cities XXL 2015 Video Game Focus Home Interactive Focus Home Interactive
Cities: Skylines 2015 Video Game Colossal Order Paradox Interactive Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
City Bus Simulator 2009 Video Game TML Studios Aerosoft Microsoft Windows
CityConnection.jpg City Connection 1988 Video Game Jaleco Jaleco Arcade, MSX, Nintendo Entertainment System, Family Computer
City Game Studio.jpg City Game Studio 2019 Video Game Binogure Studio Binogure Studio Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux
CityHunterPCE.jpg City Hunter 1990 Video Game Sunsoft NEC PC-Engine
City of Gangsters.jpg City of Gangsters 2021 Video Game SomaSim Kasedo Games Microsoft Windows
Front-Cover-City-of-Heroes-Deluxe-EU-PC.jpg City of Heroes 2004 Video Game Cryptic Studios NCsoft Microsoft Windows
City of the Dead Video Game Kuju Entertainment Hip Interactive
Front-Cover-City-of-Villains-EU-PC.jpg City of Villains 2005 Video Game Cryptic Studios NCsoft Microsoft Windows
City Smasher.jpg City Smasher Video Game TerranDroid TerranDroid Android, iOS
Citystate II.jpg Citystate II 2021 Video Game Andy Sztark Andy Sztark Microsoft Windows
Front-Cover-Civ-II-Fantastic-Worlds-NA-PC.jpg Civ II: Fantastic Worlds 1996 Video Game MicroProse MicroProse Mac OS, Microsoft Windows
CivCity: Rome 2006 Video Game Firefly Studios, Firaxis Games 2K Games Microsoft Windows
Front-Cover-Civilization-II-EU-PS1.jpg Civilization II 1999 Video Game MicroProse MicroProse Mac OS, Microsoft Windows
Front-Cover-Civilization-II-Test-of-Time-NA-PC.jpg Civilization II: Test of Time 1999 Video Game MicroProse Hasbro Interactive Microsoft Windows
Civilization: Call to Power 1999 Video Game Activision, Loki Software Activision BeOS, Linux, Mac OS, Microsoft Windows