Codex Gamicus
Image Name Year(s) Category Developer(s) Publisher(s) Platform(s)
EA Playground 2007 Video Game EA Canada Electronic Arts Nintendo DS, Wii
Front-Cover-EA-Sports-Active-NA-Wii.jpg EA Sports Active 2009 Video Game EA Canada EA Sports Wii
EA Sports Active 2.0 2010 Video Game EA Canada EA Sports Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
EA Sports MMA 2010 Video Game EA Tiburon EA Sports PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iOS
EA Sports NASCAR Racing 2007 Video Game Electronic Arts Global VR Arcade
220px-EA Sports UFC 2 cover art.jpg EA Sports UFC 2 Video Game
Logo-EA-Sports-UFC-3.png EA Sports UFC 3 2018 Video Game EA Canada EA Sports PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Front-Cover-Earache-Extreme-Metal-Racing-EU-PS2.jpg Earache: Extreme Metal Racing 2006 Video Game Data Design Interactive Data Design Interactive PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows
Earnest Evans 1992 Video Game Wolf Team, Namco Tales Studio Renovation Mega CD, Genesis
75px Earth 2140 1997 Video Game Reality Pump TopWare Interactive, Interplay Entertainment Amiga, DOS, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS
Earth 2150 2000 Video Game TopWare Interactive 1C Company Microsoft Windows, Mac OS
Earth 2150: Lost Souls 2002 Video Game TopWare Interactive Strategy First Microsoft Windows
Earth 2150: The Moon Project 2000 Video Game TopWare Interactive 1C Company Microsoft Windows
Earth 2160 2006 Video Game Reality Pump Studios Zuxxez Entertainment, Midway Games, TopWare Interactive Microsoft Windows
EarthAttack2600.jpg Earth Attack Video Game Zellers Zellers Atari 2600
Earth Defense Force 1991 Video Game Jaleco Jaleco Arcade, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Famicom, iOS
Front-Cover-Earth-Defense-Force-2017-NA-X360.jpg Earth Defense Force 2017 2007 Video Game Sandlot D3 Publisher Xbox 360
Logo-Earth-Defense-Force-2.jpg Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders from Planet Space Video Game Xseed Games PlayStation Vita
Logo-Earth-Defense-Force-4.1-The-Shadow-of-New-Despair.jpg Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair Video Game
Earth Defense Force 5 2017 Video Game Sandlot D3 Publisher Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4
EarthDiesScreaming2600.jpg Earth Dies Screaming 1982 Video Game 20th Century Fox Games 20th Century Fox Games Atari 2600
Earth No More Video Game Recoil Games, Radar Group Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Earthboundtitlescreen.png EarthBound 1995 Video Game Nintendo Nintendo Super Famicom, Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Logo-Earthbound-Beginnings.jpg Earthbound Beginnings Video Game Nintendo Wii U
Earthbound: The Halloween Hack 2008 Romhack Toby Fox Toby Fox
Earthquake in zipland pro large.jpg Earthquake in Zipland 2006 Video Game Zipland Interactive Zipland Interactive Microsoft Windows
Earthrise 2011 Video Game Masthead Studios Iceberg Interactive Microsoft Windows
Earthseige2.jpg Earthsiege 2 1995 Video Game Dynamix Sierra Entertainment Microsoft Windows
EarthwormJimSNES.jpg Earthworm Jim 1994 Video Game Shiny Entertainment Playmates Interactive Entertainment, Virgin Interactive, Activision Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Game Gear, Genesis, Master System, Mega Drive, Microsoft Windows, Sega CD, Super Famicom, Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Front-Cover-Earthworm-Jim-2-NA-GEN.jpg Earthworm Jim 2 1995 Video Game Shiny Entertainment Playmates Interactive, Virgin Interactive, Majesco Mega Drive, Genesis, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Saturn, PlayStation, Game Boy Advance
Earthworm Jim 3D box.jpg Earthworm Jim 3D 1999 Video Game VIS Entertainment Rockstar Games Nintendo 64, Microsoft Windows
EarthX.jpg EarthX 2019 Video Game Denis, Sergey Mesote Games Microsoft Windows
Eastern Exorcist.jpg Eastern Exorcist 2021 Video Game Wildfire Game bilibili Microsoft Windows
75px Eastside Hockey Manager 2001 Video Game Sports Interactive Sega Mac OS, Windows
Eastward.jpg Eastward Video Game Pixpil Chucklefish Microsoft Windows
Easy Red 2.jpg Easy Red 2 2020 Video Game Marco Amadei Corvostudio di Amadei Marco Microsoft Windows
Front-Cover-Eat-Lead-The-Return-of-Matt-Hazard-NA-X360-P.jpg Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard 2009 Video Game Vicious Cycle Software D3 Publisher PlayStation 3, Xbox 360