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Codex Gamicus Policies
Image Policy - Video game articles

The Image Policy of Codex Gamicus outlines the formatting of filenames for files to be uploaded, and also details the formats that should be used. Spaces should not be used; instead, hyphens (-) should be used.

Note that fan mockups of front covers, particularly of cancelled games, are not to be uploaded, and are to be deleted if found. Official mockups, (ie. those created for a digital release when the game was never released in a physical format) such as Nintendo's mockup for Star Fox 2 for the SNES Classic Edition, are allowed. Official cover art for cancelled games should be cited as a precaution. This is because these mockups may be mistaken by external sources to be official media.

Image Priority

Because the first image in video game article's infobox is directly used in the listing feature, the image variable should be a logo, with the Steam Logo being preferred if available (unless a higher-quality logo is available from elsewhere). If a logo is not available, standard box art should be used.


If an image is of the front cover of a jewel case or slim plastic box, use "Front-Cover-" to begin with. Use "Rear-Cover-" if the image is of the rear of the case or box. If the image is from the top of a physical cardboard box, use "Front-Cover-"; same applies to the back of the cardboard box for "Rear-Cover-" to be used. The name of the game should follow next; all other punctuation (such as commas, colons, semi-colons, slashes and hashes) should be removed. The region should follow next using an an abbreviation such as "EU", "INT", "JP"or "NA", followed by the shorthand code below for the platform(s) the box art was released for.

Platform Code
32X 32X
Atari 2600 A2600
ColecoVision CV
Commodore 64 C64
Dreamcast DC
Family Computer FAM
Family Computer Disk System FDS
Game Boy GB
Game Boy Advance GBA
Game Boy Color GBC
Game Gear GG
GameCube GC
Genesis GEN
Gizmondo GIZ
Intellivision INV
Jaguar JAG
Master System SMS
Mega CD 32X M32X
Mega Drive SMD
macOs / Mac OS X / OSX OSX
Microsoft Windows WIN
Neo Geo NG
Neo Geo Pocket Color NGPC
New Nintendo 3DS N3DS
Nintendo 64 N64
Nintendo DS DS
Nintendo 3DS 3DS
Nintendo e-Reader NER
Nintendo Entertainment System NES
Nintendo Switch NSW
PC Engine PCE
PlayStation PS1
PlayStation 2 PS2
PlayStation 3 PS3
PlayStation 4 PS4
PlayStation 5 PS5
PlayStation Portable PSP
PlayStation Vita PSV
Saturn SAT
Super Famicom SFC
Super Nintendo Entertainment System SNES
TurboGrafx-16 TG16
Vectrex VCX
Virtual Boy VB
Wii Wii
Wii U WiiU
WiiWare WiiWare
Xbox Xbox
Xbox 360 X360
Xbox Live Arcade XBLA
Xbox One XB1
Xbox Series X XSX
ZX Spectrum ZX

If the artwork includes a provisional rating (most notably the provisional ESRB rating used in promotional material), append "-P" to the end of the file, before the file extension. If the box art specifies PC DVD-ROM or PC CD-ROM, use "PC", however, if the box specifically mentions Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, macOS / Mac OS X / OSX, Linux or MS-DOS, use the correct suffix.


Certain formats are more appealing for use than others, for quality reasons. For icons and other such small images, SVG vector images are preferred, as they scale with bigger sizes much better. Failing that, PNG images are to be used. JPEG images are preferred not to be used if possible, and GIF images should ideally not be used at all (with the exception of animated GIF images).


Images uploaded to Codex Gamicus should be of good quality, preferably with higher resolutions. Images themselves should be screenshots of in-game material (not taken with a camera or phone). There should be no watermarks, additional logos, or anything other than the image itself. Images can and will be deleted at any time at an Admin or Content Moderator's discretion. Failure to cooperate will result in a block.


Every image uploaded should have a licensing description attached to it from the drop-down menu during upload. It covers anything from logos to characters, items, books, etc. Additionally, the template {{Image}} needs to be manually included as follows for all image uploads:

If regarding a video game
| game = Video game name goes here
If regarding another topic
| related = Topic name goes here