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Navbox Templates are used to group articles within a common theme together.

Series/Franchise Templates[edit source]

What to type Template Talk Page Template Documentation Page Theme
{{007}} (Template talk) (007/doc) 007 (franchise) video games
{{194X}} (Template talk) (194X/doc) 194X (series) video games
{{Ace Combat}} (Template talk) (Ace Combat/doc) Ace Combat (series) video games
{{Adventure Island}} (Template talk) (Adventure Island/doc) Adventure Island (series) video games
{{Aero Fighters}} (Template talk) (Aero Fighters/doc) Aero Fighters (series) video games
{{AFL}} (Template talk) (AFL/doc) AFL (series) video games
{{After Burner}} (Template talk) (After Burner/doc) After Burner (series) video games
{{Agatha Christie}} (Template talk) (Agatha Christie/doc) Agatha Christie (series) video games
{{Age of Empires}} (Template talk) (Age of Empires/doc) Age of Empires (series) video games
{{Albert Odyssey}} (Template talk) (Albert Odyssey/doc) Albert Odyssey (series) video games
{{Alex Kidd}} (Template talk) (Alex Kidd/doc) Alex Kidd (series) video games
{{Aliens vs. Predator}} (Template talk) (Aliens vs. Predator/doc) Alien (franchise) & Predator (franchise) video games
{{Alone in the Dark}} (Template talk) (Alone in the Dark/doc) Alone in the Dark (series) video games
{{America's Army}} (Template talk) (America's Army/doc) America's Army (series) video games
{{America's Army}} (Template talk) (America's Army/doc) America's Army (series) video games
{{Animal Crossing}} (Template talk) (Animal Crossing/doc) Animal Crossing (series) video games
{{Ankh}} (Template talk) (Ankh/doc) Ankh (series) video games
{{Anno}} (Template talk) (Anno/doc) Anno (series) video games
{{Ape Escape}} (Template talk) (Ape Escape/doc) Ape Escape (series) video games
{{Arc the Lad}} (Template talk) (Arc the Lad/doc) Arc the Lad (series) video games
{{Area 51}} (Template talk) (Area 51/doc) Area 51 (series) video games
{{Arena}} (Template talk) (Arena/doc) Arena (series) video games
{{Army Men}} (Template talk) (Army Men/doc) Army Men (series) video games
{{Art Style}} (Template talk) (Art Style/doc) Art Style (series) video games
{{Assassin's Creed}} (Template talk) (Assassin's Creed/doc) Assassin's Creed (series) video games
{{Asterix}} (Template talk) (Asterix/doc) Astérix (series) video games
{{Athena}} (Template talk) (Athena/doc) Athena (series) video games
{{Axis & Allies}} (Template talk) (Axis & Allies/doc) Axis & Allies (series) video games
{{Backyard Soccer}} (Template talk) (Backyard Soccer/doc) Backyard Soccer (series) video games
{{Baldur's Gate}} (Template talk) (Baldur's Gate/doc) Baldur's Gate (series) video games
{{Banjo-Kazooie}} (Template talk) (Banjo-Kazooie/doc) Banjo-Kazooie (series) video games
{{Bases Loaded}} (Template talk) (Bases Loaded/doc) Bases Loaded (series) video games
{{Batman}} (Template talk) (Batman/doc) Batman (series) video games
{{Battle Arena Toshinden}} (Template talk) (Battle Arena Toshinden/doc) Battle Arena Toshinden (series) video games
{{Battle of Giants}} (Template talk) (Battle of Giants/doc) Battle of Giants (series) video games
{{Battlefield}} (Template talk) (Battlefield/doc) Battlefield (series) video games
{{Battleground}} (Template talk) (Battleground/doc) Battleground (series) video games
{{Beatmania}} (Template talk) (Beatmania/doc) Beatmania (series) video games
{{Beatmania IIDX}} (Template talk) (Beatmania IIDX/doc) Beatmania IIDX (series) video games
{{Beatmania III}} (Template talk) (Beatmania III/doc) Beatmania III (series) video games
{{Bejeweled}} (Template talk) (Bejeweled/doc) Bejeweled (series) video games
{{Bemani}} (Template talk) (Bemani/doc) Bemani (series) video games
{{Big Kahuna Reef}} (Template talk) (Big Kahuna Reef/doc) Big Kahuna Reef (series) video games
{{BioShock}} (Template talk) (BioShock/doc) BioShock (series) video games
{{Bionic Commando}} (Template talk) (Bionic Commando/doc) Bionic Commando (series) video games
{{Black & White}} (Template talk) (Black & White/doc) Black & White (series) video games
{{Blaster Master}} (Template talk) (Blaster Master/doc) Blaster Master (series) video games
{{BlazBlue}} (Template talk) (BlazBlue/doc) BlazBlue (series) video games
{{Bloodrayne}} (Template talk) (Bloodrayne/doc) Bloodrayne (series) video games
{{Bloody Roar}} (Template talk) (Bloody Roar/doc) Bloody Roar (series) video games
{{Bomberman}} (Template talk) (Bomberman/doc) Bomberman (franchise) video games
{{Bone}} (Template talk) (Bone/doc) Bone (series) video games
{{Brain Age}} (Template talk) (Brain Age/doc) Brain Age (series) video games
{{Bratz}} (Template talk) (Bratz/doc) Bratz (series) video games
{{Breath of Fire}} (Template talk) (Breath of Fire/doc) Breath of Fire (series) video games
{{Brian Lara Cricket}} (Template talk) (Brian Lara Cricket/doc) Brian Lara Cricket (series) video games
{{Broken Sword}} (Template talk) (Broken Sword/doc) Broken Sword (series) video games
{{Brothers in Arms}} (Template talk) (Brothers in Arms/doc) Brothers in Arms (series) video games
{{Bubble Bobble}} (Template talk) (Bubble Bobble/doc) Bubble Bobble (franchise) video games
{{Bucky O'Hare}} (Template talk) (Bucky O'Hare/doc) Bucky O'Hare (series) video games
{{Burnout}} (Template talk) (Burnout/doc) Burnout (series) video games
{{Buzz!}} (Template talk) (Buzz!/doc) Buzz! (franchise) video games
{{Call of Duty}} (Template talk) (Call of Duty/doc) Call of Duty (series) video games
{{Carmen Sandiego}} (Template talk) (Carmen Sandiego/doc) Carmen Sandiego (franchise) video games
{{Castlevania}} (Template talk) (Castlevania/doc) Castlevania (series) video games
{{Championship Manager}} (Template talk) (Championship Manager/doc) Championship Manager (series) video games
{{Chocobo}} (Template talk) (Chocobo/doc) Chocobo (series) video games
{{Chrono}} (Template talk) (Chrono/doc) Chrono (series) video games
{{City of Heroes}} (Template talk) (City of Heroes/doc) City of Heroes (series) video games
{{Cities}} (Template talk) (Cities/doc) Cities (series) video games
{{Close Combat}} (Template talk) (Close Combat/doc) Close Combat (series) video games
{{Colony Wars}} (Template talk) (Colony Wars/doc) Colony Wars (series) video games
{{Combat of Giants}} (Template talk) (Combat of Giants/doc) Combat of Giants (series) video games
{{Command & Conquer}} (Template talk) (Command & Conquer/doc) Command & Conquer (series) video games
{{Command & Conquer: Generals}} (Template talk) (Command & Conquer: Generals/doc) Command & Conquer: Generals (series) video games
{{Command & Conquer: Red Alert}} (Template talk) (Command & Conquer: Red Alert/doc) Command & Conquer: Red Alert (series) video games
{{Commando}} (Template talk) (Commando/doc) Commando (series) video games
{{Commandos}} (Template talk) (Commandos/doc) Commandos (series) video games
{{Conflict}} (Template talk) (Conflict/doc) Conflict (series) video games
{{Conker}} (Template talk) (Conker/doc) Conker (series) video games
{{Contra}} (Template talk) (Contra/doc) Contra (series) video games
{{Counter-Strike}} (Template talk) (Counter-Strike/doc) Counter-Strike (series) video games
{{Crash Bandicoot}} (Template talk) (Crash Bandicoot/doc) Crash Bandicoot (series) video games
{{Cruis'n}} (Template talk) (Cruis'n/doc) Cruis'n (series) video games
{{DOOM}} (Template talk) (DOOM/doc) DOOM (series) video games
{{Dance Dance Revolution}} (Template talk) (Dance Dance Revolution/doc) Dance Dance Revolution (franchise) video games
{{Darius}} (Template talk) (Darius/doc) Darius (series) video games
{{Darkstalkers}} (Template talk) (Darkstalkers/doc) Darkstalkers (series) video games
{{Dash}} (Template talk) (Dash/doc) Dash (franchise) video games
{{Daytona USA}} (Template talk) (Daytona USA/doc) Daytona USA (series) video games
{{Dead or Alive}} (Template talk) (Dead or Alive/doc) Dead or Alive (series) video games
{{Dead to Rights}} (Template talk) (Dead to Rights/doc) Dead to Rights (series) video games
{{Deer Avenger}} (Template talk) (Deer Avenger/doc) Deer Avenger (series) video games
{{Def Jam}} (Template talk) (Def Jam/doc) Def Jam (series) video games
{{Def Jam}} (Template talk) (Def Jam/doc) Def Jam (series) video games
{{Delta Force}} (Template talk) (Delta Force/doc) Delta Force (series) video games
{{Dept. Heaven}} (Template talk) (Dept. Heaven/doc) Dept. Heaven (series) video games
{{Descent}} (Template talk) (Descent/doc) Descent (series) video games
{{Destruction Derby}} (Template talk) (Destruction Derby/doc) Destruction Derby (series) video games
{{Deus Ex}} (Template talk) (Deus Ex/doc) Deus Ex (series) video games
{{Devil May Cry}} (Template talk) (Devil May Cry/doc) Devil May Cry (series) video games
{{Dig Dug}} (Template talk) (Dig Dug/doc) Dig Dug (series) video games
{{Dino Crisis}} (Template talk) (Dino Crisis/doc) Dino Crisis (series) video games
{{Disciples}} (Template talk) (Disciples/doc) Disciples (series) video games
{{Disgaea}} (Template talk) (Disgaea/doc) Disgaea (series) video games
{{Dizzy}} (Template talk) (Dizzy/doc) Dizzy (series) video games
{{Doctor Who}} (Template talk) (Doctor Who/doc) Doctor Who (franchise) video games
{{DonPachi}} (Template talk) (DonPachi/doc) DonPachi (series) video games
{{Donkey Kong}} (Template talk) (Donkey Kong/doc) Donkey Kong (franchise) video games
{{Double Dragon}} (Template talk) (Double Dragon/doc) Double Dragon (series) video games
{{Dragon's Lair}} (Template talk) (Dragon's Lair/doc) Dragon's Lair (series) video games
{{Dragon Age}} (Template talk) (Dragon Age/doc) Dragon Age (series) video games
{{Dragon Quest}} (Template talk) (Dragon Quest/doc) Dragon Quest (franchise) video games
{{Dragon Slayer}} (Template talk) (Dragon Slayer/doc) Dragon Slayer (series) video games
{{Dream Chronicles}} (Template talk) (Dream Chronicles/doc) Dream Chronicles (franchise) video games
{{Driver}} (Template talk) (Driver/doc) Driver (series) video games
{{Duke Nukem}} (Template talk) (Duke Nukem/doc) Duke Nukem (series) video games
{{Dune}} (Template talk) (Dune/doc) Dune (series) video games
{{Dungeon Master}} (Template talk) (Dungeon Master/doc) Dungeon Master (series) video games
{{Dungeon Siege}} (Template talk) (Dungeon Siege/doc) Dungeon Siege (series) video games
{{Dynasty Warriors}} (Template talk) (Dynasty Warriors/doc) Dynasty Warriors (franchise) video games

Company Templates[edit source]

What to type Template Talk Page Template Documentation Page Theme
{{21st Century Entertainment Pinball}} (Template talk) (21st Century Entertainment Pinball/doc) 21st Century Entertainment Pinball video games
{{5th Cell}} (Template talk) (5th Cell/doc) 5th Cell video games
{{Bandai Namco}} (Template talk) (Bandai Namco/doc) Bandai Namco video games
{{Banpresto Originals}} (Template talk) (Banpresto Originals/doc) Banpresto Originals video games
{{BioWare Corporation}} (Template talk) (BioWare Corporation/doc) BioWare Corporation video games
{{Blizzard Entertainment}} (Template talk) (Blizzard Entertainment/doc) Blizzard Entertainment video games
{{Bullfrog Productions}} (Template talk) (Bullfrog Productions/doc) Bullfrog Productions video games
{{CDS Micro Systems}} (Template talk) (CDS Micro Systems/doc) CDS Micro Systems video games
{{Crystal Computing}} (Template talk) (Crystal Computing/doc) Crystal Computing video games
{{Don Bluth Entertainment}} (Template talk) (Don Bluth Entertainment/doc) Don Bluth Entertainment video games

Event Templates[edit source]

What to type Template Talk Page Template Documentation Page Theme
{{DICE}} (Template talk) (DICE/doc) D.I.C.E. Summits

Genre Templates[edit source]

What to type Template Talk Page Template Documentation Page Theme
{{City building}} (Template talk) (City building/doc) City-building video games

Hardware Templates[edit source]

What to type Template Talk Page Template Documentation Page Theme
{{Console Generations}} (Template talk) (Console Generations/doc) Console Generations
{{Console Variants}} (Template talk) (Console Variants/doc) Console Variants
{{Display terminology}} (Template talk) (Display terminology/doc) Display terminology