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Codex Gamicus Policies
Image Policy - Video game articles

These are the policies that the community has agreed to make standard. If you would like to challenge them, or add some for discussion, please feel free to bring it up in the talk page.

On Copying from Wikipedia

Copying & pasting articles from Wikipedia is generally discouraged. The information on Wikipedia is, like this site, offered under CC-BY-SA (and, unless imported from a CC-only licensed page, the GNU Free Documentation License), and as such can be moved to Codex Gamicus so long as a reference is made pointing back to the original article on Wikipedia.

Whenever possible, information originating from Wikipedia should be expounded and elaborated upon, as Codex Gamicus exists primarily for broadening the amount of information that can be included in wiki articles about games and video gaming. Use the information available at Wikipedia to assist in the base information for your article, or more importantly, use the sources listed in the Wikipedia article to source the article here at Codex Gamicus.

In some cases, certain articles on Wikipedia will be tagged for removal and relocation to a dedicated games wiki. In that case, the article should be moved completely to Codex Gamicus and/or an appropriate gaming wiki (if one exists and the content is wanted there), and a note left on its respective Wikipedia talk page.

On Article Writing

On Point of View

Articles on Codex Gamicus should be written from a neutral point-of-view; that is, facts should be stated, and emotion should not cloud the writer's judgement on what to write.

The use of the word "You"

In addition to the above, articles should not make a reference to the reader as "you". Neutral terms such as "the player" are appropriate.

On Vandalism

Don't vandalize or spam: Putting hidden links on our page will not raise your site's Google page rank or anything. Seriously, it won't. They don't work here. For more on the warning policy, see our Vandalism page.

On Jokes Pages

Joke pages are not permitted.

On Templates

Just make sure they don't exist already: Feel free to make templates, but make sure they don't exist already. See Useful Templates for a list of them.