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It is the middle of the night. You can't see a thing. However, you decide to get up anyway because you're hungry and you want a midnight snack, and you're not going to let a bit of darkness scare you off. You slowly rise, groggily walk across the room in the dark, and accidentally bang your toe against the wall. And you say...

"Ow! I stubbed my toe!"

Those kinds of stubs are no fun, lemme tell ya. But a stub on Codex Gamicus is relatively harmless. It just means that a page is a bit -- or a lot -- shorter than it ought to be. When you come across such a page, try to expand upon the material if you can. If you can't, and the page isn't already marked as a stub, edit the page and add {{stub}} at the bottom. When the page is viewed, this will expand to something like:

This page is a stub. You can help us by expanding it.

... but with a link to edit the page. This will also automatically put the page in Category:Stubs, so that stubs can easily be found. Stubs, even really short ones, are not a bad thing. In fact, this wiki is so young right now that stubs are very necessary. They allow us to add more breadth to the wiki. This should not come at great expense to depth. If you know a lot about a game, by all means, write everything you know about it! But if we get a lot of breadth, too, people will begin to see the potential of the wiki. They will also tend to think, "Well, this page is already here, so I might as well add some more to it..."

So, go ahead: plant a tree, save the Earth, make a stub. :)

Description stubs[]

Sometimes you don't know enough about a game to give a description. Sometimes you can't be bothered to think of a full description right now. Whatever the case, type {{Descstub}} to indicate this. The page will then belong to Category:Games with incomplete descriptions.

Data stubs[]

Sometimes a game page is relatively complete, but you're missing release data. In this case, use {{Datastub}} at the bottom of the game data section (not the bottom of the page!) to indicate this. The page will then belong to Category:Games with incomplete data.