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Image Policy - Video game articles

Game articles can utilized sub-articles, for splitting off content, so that content can be documented, but not create extra page load for users for whom bandwidth is at a premium (for example, users on mobile devices).


The Awards sub-articles are for listing awards and nominations received by that game.


The Changelog sub-articles are for listing comprehensive changes between versions of a game. Where patch numbers are extensive, these can be linked as separate articles.


The Cheats sub-articles are for listing cheats or cheat codes codes that can be input or attempted without the need for an external cheat system (i.e. cheats that can be executed with key or button combinations). Cheats that can be enabled with simple file editing can also be described here.


The Codes sub-articles are for listing cheat codes that cannot be input without the need for an external cheat system or command (i.e. cheats that can only be executed with help from a system like GameShark, Game Genie, Action Replay or Xploder). Codes can also refer to console commands, as well as run-time switch commands to be used when running the game.


The Codex sub-articles are for listing story and lore information found within a game.


The Compatibility sub-articles are for detailed information on making older games able to run on newer hardware and/or software. Given the nature of early Digital Rights Management features on discs, ways to bypass this are tentatively allowed to be listed. Due to software solutions that are now available, information is also to be listed to being able to run the specified game within the confines of a virtual environment, using software such as Bochs, QEMU, VMWare, VirtualBox, or with the aid of compatibility layers, such as WINE or Rosetta.


The Covers sub-articles are for galleries of box artwork from different regions.


The Credits sub-articles are for listing the complete development and publishing credits for the game in question.


The DLC sub-articles are for listing the Downloadable Content available for that title.


This section if specifically for older games that came with a Help file; similar to the Codex system, the Help system can exactly duplicate the layout of the Help file.


This includes specific details relating to the availability of the game in question in other languages.


This is designed to be able to list the files included with a video game.


The Patches sub-articles are for listing updates between game versions, including documentation of non-official patches.


The Ratings sub-articles are for detailed reasons as to why a game was given a particular rating by a ratings or classification board.


The Reviews sub-articles are for listing reviews of the game in question.


Similar in vein to the videos section, this is specifically for screenshots taken of the game during gameplay.


The Soundtrack sub-articles are for listing track details and purchase locations for associated soundtrack releases for the game in question. It is not to be used unless the Soundtrack itself was released as a separate item for sale. Where the Soundtrack has an actual name (such as it being released as a separate product), this can redirect to that article instead.


The Videos sub-articles are for listing videos associated with the game in question.


The Walkthrough sub-articles are for walkthroughs created for that game. Walkthroughs should be using wiki-hosted written content, and should not be linking to content elsewhere.

The main Walkthrough page is contain a list of all walkthrough pages (such as pages used to describe a single zone or area), with each page listing the previous and successive pages in the guide. Bestiary information, and other such information, should also be listed under the Walkthrough system independent of a numbering system. Walkthroughs should cater to two audiences; those who just wish to know how to progress the game further, and those who want to do and find everything.