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Image Policy - Video game articles

One of the primary focuses of Codex Gamicus is on video gaming. The following is a general guide for how pages should be created


All pages are to use {{GameInfobox}}, with the article name using the full gaming title. If a game has two English names (such as the game Anno 1503, which was called 1503 A.D. in the United States), both game names can be used for separate articles. These articles would, of course, use the release information for the regions the name applied to.

Differing releases

If games with the same name were released, the original release uses the name (say, if a game called Chess were to have been released in 1973, for example, it would occupy the article at Chess. Further games to use this name would append the year at the end of the article, such as Chess (1986). The exception to this is when two games by the same name (that differed in gameplay) are released in the same year; one of the articles uses the system name as a modifier, such as Chess (Atari 2600)

There may be times where a game was released on a given system at one stage, but was re-released for modern hardware. If the game has significant deviations from the original game (be it interface, audio/visual accompaniment, etc), then the remake should use a separate article with a year modifier (Such as Final Fantasy IV (2007)).

Additional releases

Games are invariably released with different content depending on what package is picked up. Such examples include Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Hardened Edition, or Assassin's Creed: Director's Cut. These are to be given completely separate articles in addition to their base game, and appropriate images of the packaging are to be used.


Additionally, we have compiled a list of stats here, which uses data within the Cargo installation on this Wiki. These stats allow us to determine how many games that we've catalogued (that use the new infobox), as well as by other criteria, such as how many have a specific rating, how many were released for a specific OS, system or console, or how many were released in a given year.