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Cohort Studios is a British games development and interactive entertainment studio based in Dundee, Scotland.

Formed in 2006 by Lol Scragg, Darran Thomas and Bruce McNeish, Cohort’s first project involved being contracted by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe to assist on MotorStorm for PlayStation 3. This was followed with work on Go! Puzzle for PlayStation Network on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. In addition, the company developed a small downloadable driving title which was used on the website of the Audi TT.

Early in 2008, Cohort Studios released Buzz! Junior: Dino Den for the PlayStation 2 followed later in the year with Buzz! Junior: Ace Racers. Also in 2008, they won the contract for re-developing three of the PS2 Buzz! Junior titles to be distributed via the PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 3. The titles were to feature 5 of the best mini-games as well as including trophy support and the ability to use a DualShock wireless controller instead of Buzzers.


  • MotorStorm (PS3, 2006) - Outsourcing for Evolution Studios
  • Go! Puzzle (PS3 & PSP, 2007) - Working with Zoonami
  • Journeys Through Sound (PC, 2007) - Free downloadable game celebrating the Audi TT relaunch
  • Burnout Paradise (PS3 & Xbox 360, 2007) - Outsourcing for Criterion Games
  • Buzz! Junior: Dino Den (PS2, 2008)
  • Buzz! Junior: Ace Racers (PS2, 2008)
  • Buzz! Junior: Robo Jam (PS3, 2009)
  • Buzz! Junior: Monster Rumble (PS3, 2009)
  • Buzz! Junior: Dino Den (PS3, 2009)
  • The Shoot (PS3, 2010)

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