Codex Gamicus
ColecoVision Expansion Module #3: Adam Computer
Creator Coleco
System ColecoVision
Supported games
Release date 1983

The Expansion Module #3 was a peripheral that converted the ColecoVision into a powerful home computer called the Adam Family Computer, which was also available as a standalone unit with a built-in ColecoVision. It came with 64 KB of RAM, a cassette-like "data pack drive", a daisy-wheel printer that doubled as its main power source, and a full-stroke keyboard. It included SmartWriter (a built-in word processor program), SmartBASIC (a BASIC programming language interpreter on a data pack), Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom (also on a data pack), and a blank data pack tape for storing programs and files.

From the time of its release, the Coleco Adam was plagued with problems such as defective "data pack" drives and defective printers. Although Coleco managed to support the system with both games and special programs made for the Adam, it spelled doom for the company as they lost $35 million in the fourth quarter of 1984 as returns flooded in, and its technical issues caused sales to be weak. It was discontinued in 1985.