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For the Canadian documentary television series, see Combat School (TV series).
Combat School
File:Combat School.png
Developer(s) Konami
Publisher(s) Konami
status Status Missing
Release date April 2, 1987
Genre Track and Field
Age rating(s) Zzap! – 91% (for Commodore 64)
Platform(s) Arcade, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Arcade system
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Combat School, distributed in North America as Boot Camp, is a 1987 arcade game produced by Konami where the player takes control of a military recruit who is undergoing basic training at a United States Marine Corps Recruit Training also known as a boot camp.


The control panel consists of a single trackball and two action buttons that change functions between events. The game can be played against a CPU-controlled opponent or a second player. Player 1 takes control of Nick, a brown-haired recruit in an orange shirt, while his rival is Joe, a blond-haired recruit in a blue shirt. The gameplay is similar to the Track & Field games, also released by Konami.

The game is composed of seven training events whom the player must complete. Upon failure to complete an event, the player must do a set number of chin ups as punishment in order to continue into the other events, or it's game over. The events are as followed.

  1. Obstacle Course – Set in a side-scrolling segment, the player must reach the end of the stage under the alloted time before his opponent while climbing walls and clearing bars.
  2. Shooting Range No. 1 – The player must shoot as many targets as possible under the allotted time. If played against a second player, then the one who shoots the most targets win.
  3. Iron Man Race – Similar to the obstacle course, but set in a top view angle. The player must reach the top of the stage while avoid mines and other obstacles. Eventually
  4. Shooting Range No. 2 – Same as the first one, but featuring moving targets.
  5. Arm Wrestling – The two recruits are pitted against each in a match of strength and stamina.
  6. Shooting Range No. 3 – The third and final shooting range stage features penalty targets.
  7. Fighting – The player faces against his instructor in hand-to-hand combat in the final event. If played with a second player, then the two players must fight each other.

After all seven events are cleared, the player's graduates from basic training only to be sent on a mission to rescue the U.S. President from armed terrorists. The final stage consist of a single side-scrolling level where the player must fight off terrorists using the skills acquired during the course of training. This stage can only be played by one player.

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