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A Combo is a sequence of button presses that trigger an event within a video game. It can also mean a string of related attacks within quick succession, such as juggling a character in the air in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Usually combos are used in action paced games where the pressure is on to complete the combo and survive or win because of it. They are very popular in 2D and 3D fighters but not exclusive to them. The reward of the combo can vary depending on the difficulty of the button presses.

In Street Fighter II the character Ryu had a somewhat famous move called the Hadoken. The Hadoken is done by hitting Down, Forward, Punch. This is a fairly simple move to complete and has Ryu firing a projectile of energy and screaming Hadoken!

Chun-Li's kicking combo is notoriously hard to evade, as it requires the target to block in all directions at almost exactly the same time.


The first fighting video game with a rudimentary combo system was Nihon Game's Shanghai Kid in 1985.[1]


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