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Red Guard army[]

China red guard.png

Cost: $300 (For 2 Units)

The red guard are China's basic infantry. They are trained in groups of two and also get a horde bonus in groups of five or more of either red guards or tank hunters. The red guards can also capture buildings when upgraded. Unfortunately, they are the weakest infantry unit in the game. However, having more and more incrases overall firepower and thus their effectiveness.&nbsp

Tank Hunter[]

Cost: $300

The rocket infantry of China is used primarily against tanks and air units. It gains a horde bonus like the red guard and also has the ability to plant a TNT charge on enemy vehicles or buildings.

Nuclear Tank Hunter[]

Nuke tank hunter.png

Cost: $350

Has everything the tank hunter has except its more expensive and its rocket shells carry uranium gas that spreads around the area the rocket detonates and poisons the field for a brief moment. Has now been removed from the game.


China hacker.png

Cost: $625

Hackers are unarmed infantry that are used to either disable enemy base structures or hack the internet for cash. The can only disable buildings close up, and must stay stationary when keeping a building disabled or hacking the internet. They are China's economy later in the game when supply docks are emptied. It is unknown whose internet they steal the funds from, as the Americans are their allies and most civilians would notice if their funds disappear.

Black Lotus[]

Cost: $1,500

China's Hero unit is unarmed, but compensates for that in being able to detect stealth units in range and also having the abilities to capture enemy buildings, disable enemy vehicles, and also hack a supply center for up to $1000 credits. Black lotus remains stealthed except when using an ability.

Zero Hour[]


China minigunner.png

Cost: $350

The minigunner infantry is available only to China's Infantry General. They are armed with a minigun capable of a high rate of fire that can take down both aircraft and infantry with ease. Unlike the red guards, they can only be trained in groups of one. Because of this, they are among the two best infantry units in the game, along with the U.S. ranger

Super Hacker[]

Cost: $625

Available only to the China Infantry General. Just like the hackers, but they are stealthed when not disabling a building. They also have the ability to disable vehicles like the China hero unit Black Lotus.

Super Lotus[]

Super Lotus.png

Cost: $1,500

Super Lotus is the hero unit that replaces Black Lotus for the China Infantry General. It has all the same abilities as Black Lotus, but performs them faster.