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Land Vehicles[]

Construction Dozer[]

Cost: $1000

Like the USA Dozer, it is used to build and repair all your base structures. It can also clear mines and Demo Traps.

Supply Truck[]

China supplytruck.png

Cost: $600

The Chinese Supply Truck is used to transport supplies from a supply dock to a Supply Center. It can only carry $300

Battlemaster Tank[]

Cost: $800

This is the main battle tank of the Chinese forces. In groups of five or more, it gains a Horde Bonus like the Red Guards and Tank Hunters. Its Horde Bonus can be improved with the Nationalism upgrade. It can also get the Nuclear Tank upgrade to increase its movement and the Uranium Shells upgrade to make its shots 25% stronger. In Zero Hour, The Tank General can upgrade Autoloaders to make his battlemasters fire a lot faster.

Gattling Tank[]

China gattling.png

Cost: $800

This vehicle is very dangerous when used against air units and infantry. It fires loads of bullets out of its Gatling gun and increases its rate of fire given time. It can fire even faster with the Chain Gun upgrade.

Inferno Cannon[]

China inferno.png

Cost: $900

This is one of China's artillery units. It fires a fiery projectile that incinerates what it lands on. When used in groups, a firestorm will engulf the targeted area. Upgrading Black Napalm will make its fire stronger.

Dragon Tank[]

Cost: $800

This is a useful anti-infantry vehicle that sprays fire at enemies. It can melt men very quickly and can clear garrisoned buildings as well. It is also effective against light armor and buildings. It can be commanded to spray fire in a 180-degree wall of fire that hurts any ground units/structures caught inside.

Troop Crawler[]

China apc.png

Cost: $1400

This is China's APC. It comes pre-loaded with 8 Red Guard. It also has the ability to detect stealth. A common tactic is to build a swarm of about 20 and drive them through the enemy base, while clicking the "evacuate" button. The soldiers exit in a few long lines and attack and overwhelm the enemies

Overlord Tank[]

China overlord.png

Cost: $2000

The biggest tank in the game. It has double barrels with massive firepower and can also upgrade either a bunker, Gatling cannon, or a speaker tower on itself. It also gets benefits from the Nuclear Tank and Uranium Shells upgrades as well as Subliminal Messaging if it is using a Propaganda Tower.

Nuke Cannon[]

Cost: $1600

The other artillery unit that China has. It has to deploy to fire. it fires a smalll nuclear charge that explodes violently, killing all infantry and most vehicles caught in its blast radius. Requires that the Generals Point for Nuke Cannons be taken before this can be built. In Zero Hour, the Nuke General does not need to pick the Generals point. Also Zero Hour's Nuke Cannons can also load Neutron Shells that kill infantry and leave neutral tanks on the field to be able to be taken.



China mig.png

Zero Hour[]

Land Units[]

Assault Troop Transport[]

Cost: $2400

Only the Infantry General can build this and it comes with 8 Mini-gunners. Infantry can also fire out of this Troop Crawler.

Emperor Overlord[]

Cost: $1800

Only buildable by the Tank General. An even stronger more technologically advanced Overlord. It comes with a propaganda tower and can upgrade Gatling cannons. There is a glitch where subliminal messaging does not apply on the Emperor Tank.

Listening Outpost[]

Cost: $800

A better means of stealth detection for China. It has a large sight range and can detect stealth in a larger radius than the troop crawler can. It also comes with two tank hunters inside. While not moving, it remains stealth. The tank hunters can fire at enemies from inside the Listening Outpost.

Attack Outpost[]

Cost: $1000

Only buildable by the Infantry General. It comes with four veteran Tank Hunters and can hold up to 10 infantry inside. Other than the above, it is in all other ways the same as a Listening Outpost.

ECM Tank[]

Cost: $800

A tank that cannot do any actual combat. It can use a beam to disrupt and shut down enemy vehicles. When sitting still and not using that beam, it can deflect most of the missiles that are fired within its effective deflection range.



This aircraft can be upgraded with a propaganda tower, bunker, and Gatling cannon. It can also be upgraded to drop napalm bombs that are good versus infantry and most other ground units. Helix is good against tanks and infantry. China's Infantry General can only upgrade napalm bombs on its Helix.