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Joseph Stalin[]


Played by: Gene Dynarski

The Premier and General Secretary of the Soviet Union, who is based on the real-life Joseph Stalin.

The Soviet campaign leader, he is backed up by Nadia, General Gradenko, General Georgi Kukov, and Kane.

In the Soviet victory, Great Britain has been conquered and Stalin is seen celebrating. However, in a plot devised by Stalin's shadowy advisor Kane, Nadia kills Stalin. After drinking poisoned tea prepared by Nadia, Stalin dies and the fate of the Soviet Union remains a mystery, although Kane emerges onscreen to confirm the existence of the new Brotherhood of NOD.

In the Allied victory movie, after being severely wounded during the siege and capture of Moscow, he is smothered to death by Stavros.

SEC Nadia[]


Played by: Andrea C. Robinson

The chief of the NKVD, she often gives the player specific assignments as the intelligence officer. Secretly, Nadia actually is a member of the Brotherhood of Nod society, which is featured prominently in the Tiberian series, as revealed in the final Soviet cutscene. Several scenes hint that she was Stalin's mistress as well.

Nadia is shown to favour the player over the other Soviet officers, Gradenko and Kukov. She serves poisoned tea to Gradenko, killing him painfully as a punishment for his incompetence. At the end of the Soviet Campaign, she poisons Stalin, and shoots him four times in the stomach and once in the eye. She is killed by Kane with a gunshot through her back in the final Soviet ending video, the latter apparently having lost the need for her.

She is famous for her poisoned teas, exclaiming "I prepared it myself" when both Stalin and Gradenko comment on its good taste, and her quote "You bastard pig! You'll never touch me with your filthy hands again!".

Field Marshal Gradenko[]


Played by: Alan Terry

A competent military officer who commanded Red Army troops in the conquest of East Asia. His success there resulted in his promotion to Marshal and won him an advisory position to Joseph Stalin during the subsequent war in Europe. Though Gradenko had been an outstanding strategist, he made a number of mistakes at the beginning of this new war which included the loss of the USSR's stockpiles of nerve gas, a critical element in Stalin's original plans. Nadia, who was Gradenko's main opponent at the head of the Communist Party, convinced Stalin of Gradenko's incompetence. To prove his loyalty, Gradenko was forced by Stalin to sign the death warrants of Soviet generals who Stalin claimed were plotting to assassinate him.

Gradenko was the Soviet leader who was most suspicious of the "General" (the player) and seemed to have a somewhat aggressive attitude towards him. He was also the general who informed Stalin of the Allied Chronosphere project, something that led to Stalin's obsession with seizing it. Neither Gradenko nor his fellow general Kukov were informed of the Iron Curtain project. Nor were either of them (or Stalin for that matter) aware of the true powers within the Communist Party: Kane, the leader of Nod, and Nadia, who served as his deputy.

After numerous failures, Gradenko was killed by poisoned tea served by Nadia and replaced by General Georgi Kukov. Gradenko was subsequently proclaimed a traitor to the Soviet Union.

General Georgi Kukov[]


Played by: Craig Cavanah

The commander of the Red Army, who was inspired by Georgi Zhukov's figure. Unlike Zhukov, Kukov is depicted as a poor strategist. Showing great individual bravery during the (fictional) capture of Berlin, Kukov was promoted to a general. He took part in the conspiracy against Field Marshal Gradenko, and Joseph Stalin made him his main advisor. He is killed thanks to his own blunder—when the player is required to capture the Allied Chronosphere (Mission 13) and fails, Kukov blames the player saying he is a horrible strategist, but Nadia counters by saying Kukov's intelligence was the true reason: Kukov had apparently overlooked another Allied base and forgot to inform the player of said base. Needless to say, Stalin is furious and kills Kukov by breaking his neck.

Major Vladimir Kosygin[]


Kosygin is one of Stalin's top atomic strategists who is stationed in the Riga compound. Kosygin wishes to defect Stalin's plans of building atomic weapons and is extracted by the Allies from the Soviet compound. He later tells the Allies the location of Stalin's main atomic weapons plant where Allied troops enters and disable the atomic missiles.



Played by: Joseph D. Kucan

The mastermind of the Brotherhood of Nod in the Command & Conquer series, who appears several times throughout the Soviet campaign as a mysterious counsellor to Joseph Stalin. At the end of the Soviet campaign, Nadia assassinates Stalin, proclaiming her secret membership of the Brotherhood of Nod; however, when she comments that the commander would serve as a puppet leader for the foreseeable future, Kane shoots her, exclaiming "I am the future". Kane does not appear in the Red Alert series after that cutscene.

Red Alert: Retaliation[]

General Topolov[]

General topolov REDALERT1.jpg

Played by: Alan Charof

A high ranked Soviet military commander and mentor to the player. He only appears during Red Alert: Retaliation. After the final Soviet mission in retaliation, Topolov retires, leaving his "drafty corner office" to the player. Unlike the other Red Alert Soviet military personnel, Topolov is not scheming or manipulative, instead acting friendly towards the commander (after the first mission he says: "I like you – I like you very much; and I'm Russian – I do not like anybody! – But I drink to you, comrade.").