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Alexander Romanov[]

Played by: Nicholas Worth

The eccentric Premier of the Soviet Union following the death of Joseph Stalin, and launches an attack on the United States. Romanov has a painted turtle named Sam, after Uncle Sam. Though he is shown to be very ruthless, he is an extremely comical figure and is very prone to make a fool of himself when things are not going his way.

Romanov is a distant relative of Nicholas II, the last Tsar of Russia, and — despite the purge of his extended family — he is also a Bolshevik. He is appointed by the Allied commanders to be the puppet head of the Soviet Union after its defeat following Stalin's invasion of Europe (which took place in Command & Conquer: Red Alert). Romanov at first acquiesces to the demands the victorious Allies make, although he begins to build up a sizable military again for "defensive purposes", and acquires one of Stalin's former psychics, Yuri, as his advisor. He shifts away from the western bloc diplomatically as well, stressing his belief in world revolution and forming the World Socialist Alliance (with Yuri's aid) for "peaceful" purposes. Romanov's true agenda is to use the World Socialist Alliance to begin a new war against the United States using masses of troops from all of the Second World's countries to swarm over the U.S. border with Mexico. Romanov's advisor Yuri provides the Soviets with numerous psychic technologies which Romanov implements all over the United States, most notably to mind control civilian populations to cease resistance using psychic beacons, and to mind control the soldiers in the United States' nuclear silos to prevent ICBMs from being fire in retaliation.

In the Soviet campaign of Red Alert 2, Yuri gradually applies psychic pressure until he can mind control Romanov to give him command of the Soviet Union's armed forces, and then has Romanov brutally murdered. Before his death in the Soviet campaign, Romanov records a message on a VHS cassette detailing his plight which is sent to the player. The message gives the player full command over the Soviet troops and to "take my country back for the glory of Russia, and the spirit of justice". This ending is not canonical, as Romanov is still alive during the events of the Yuri's Revenge expansion and the Allies have won the war, wherein the ending of the game for the Soviets has the player conquering the world and destroying the Kremlin, and has all of the original major Soviet characters, except for Lieutenant Zofia and the commander, killed.

In the Allied campaign of Red Alert 2, the Allies invade Moscow, and special agent Tanya arrests Romanov in the Moscow Kremlin, where he is found with body doubles while hiding under his desk wearing white boxers with hammers and sickles stamped all over them.

At the start of the Soviet campaign of Yuri's Revenge Romanov is imprisoned in the Tower of London. From his cell, he contacts "Comrade General" (the player) and Lt. Zofia in order to give them a message for his past self, containing warnings about the way Allies won the war using Einstein's Chronosphere technology, as well as information of Yuri's betrayal. After receiving the message, the Romanov from the past instructs the player to destroy professor Albert Einstein's laboratory, thus guaranteeing a victory in the war against the Allies. After his plane is shot down in Morocco he escapes from Yuri's forces and sends the player on missions to crush Yuri and his mind-controlled armies throughout the world and even on the moon. In the ending, the world is conquered by the Soviets and Romanov's ambitious space programs expand the socialist world throughout the Solar System.

In the Allied campaign of Yuri's Revenge, the Allies still manage to win the war against him. After he surrenders, he meets with the other leaders of the international community in the Parliament building and they write up and ratify a treaty forming a military alliance to defeat Yuri once and for all. It is assumed he retains control over the Soviet Union after Yuri is defeated.

At the beginning of Red Alert 3 due to the timeline of Yuri's Revenge, he's not imprisoned as stated in Red Alert 2. As the Allies move in towards Moscow he's mentioned to have left his office early in order to escape the Allies. It's presumed that with the elimination of Einstein he never assumed power. This ambiguous disappearance of Romanov might be chalked up to the fact that Nicolas Worth died in 2007, a year before the release of Red Alert 3.

Lieutenant Zofia[]

Played by: Aleksandra Kaniak

The Soviet Commander's advisor of Bulgarian descent, and the Soviet equivalent of Lieutenant Eva Lee, who advises the player in the Allied campaign. In both the original game and the expansion pack, she plays little to no other role than being a nonetheless competent assistant to the player. She shows great esteem and loyalty towards both the player and Premier Romanov and seems to be completely devoid of any ulterior motives. On rare occasions, she displays what seems to be outbursts of affection for the Commander.

Zofia's only active involvement in a combat operation is perhaps during the Soviet ending of Yuri's Revenge expansion pack, where she overloads Yuri's time machine, sending him to the time of the dinosaurs, where it is assumed that he is eaten by a Tyrannosaurus rex.

General Vladimir[]

Played by: Adam Greggor

A loyal and experienced general of the Soviet Union, and its most senior commander. He is well-liked by Premier Romanov, who is often wary of sending the other general (the player) out to face enemies without Vladimir's aid in the Soviet missions.

As the Soviets, the player is forced to work under Vladimir's command in attacking a naval base in Florida. Vladimir gets back to Moscow first, however, and takes all of the glory for the operation (which the player is responsible for the vast majority of - at the beginning of the mission, Vladimir recklessly rushes into battle with his command ship, and is quickly forced to retreat by the Allied navy) Yuri uses the excuse that Vladimir is too ambitious and power-hungry considering his lack of military achievement, and when Romanov later wants to use Vladimir to defend Vladivostok from a South Korean attack. Yuri first tries to discourage the notion and then shows that Vladimir is currently in a hot tub with two girls in bikinis. This apparently makes Romanov think less of Vladimir, as in the briefing for the next mission he has succumbed to some of Yuri's psychic pressure and promotes Yuri to Generalissimo of the Soviet Union.

When Yuri takes Romanov's place after murdering Romanov, he declares Vladimir an enemy of the people and a nonperson and orders the player to kill him. Vladimir, who has taken up refuge in occupied Washington, D.C., desperately tries to convince the player of Yuri's treachery but to no avail. The player is forced to capture him in order to proceed to the point where it is found out that Yuri is a traitor.

As the Allies, the player fights against Vladimir at least once, in Chicago. This particular mission ends with a transmission to the player showing Vladimir pressing a button to launch a nuclear missile at the city. During the briefings for several other Allied missions, the player is told that Vladimir is commanding the Soviet forces.

In Red Alert 2, his fate in the Allied campaign and the expansion pack, Yuri's Revenge, is unclear, as it's never stated what happened to him after the war and he doesn't appear in either the Allied and Soviet campaigns in Yuri's Revenge. As the General who ordered the nuclear destruction of Chicago, it can be assumed he was put on trial for war crimes, and possibly executed. In the Soviet campaign, Vladimir is killed by Yuri using his Psychic abilities, after Vladimir rebelled against Yuri's plot to control Soviet Russia and the latter ordered the player to defeat his forces in Washington, D.C.


A Soviet commando and counterpart to the Allied Tanya Adams in Yuri's Revenge. He is capable of disposing of anything on land either with an armour-piercing AKM rifle or by painting it with a laser and calling in an airstrike from MiG-29s.

He came to be the foremost and mainly used character of the Soviet Union in some of their missions, specifically speaking, in capturing the time machine. It is said he is a 'hero of all Russia' after distinguishing himself in the last war, although he is never seen in Red Alert 2

His image never showed off in any mini-motion pictures of Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge, but he is mostly portrayed as a man holding his AKM in a conscript-like uniform added with a cap.