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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising is a 2009 real-time strategy video game developed by EA Los Angeles and published by Electronic Arts. It is a stand-alone expansion to Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 released only for Microsoft Windows and offered via digital distribution. It does not require Red Alert 3 to play. It features about 30 new maps for traditional skirmish with many of these taking place in new environments. It does not contain any multiplayer elements such as cooperative play, online play or network play.

A part of Uprising called Commander's Challenge was also released as Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Commander's Challenge on PlayStation Store and Xbox Live for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 respectively on September 24, 2009. It functions as a stand-alone game and does not require Red Alert 3 to play. Commander's Challenge contains only the Commander's Challenge mode of Uprising and the new units and weapons, but not the campaign or skirmish modes. It is currently worth 800 Microsoft Points on the Xbox Live Arcade.[1]


Uprising picks up on where the Allied Campaign of the original game left off. Four "mini-campaigns" are available, one for each faction in Red Alert 3 and a bonus one centered around the origins of the Empire's commando Yuriko Omega. Each of the campaigns is three missions long, with the exception of the Soviet one, which consists of four. Initially only the Soviet and Yuriko campaigns are available, the campaigns for the Allies and the Empire of the Rising Sun becoming available after finishing the first mission in the Soviet campaign.


The Soviet and Allied campaign assume that the Allies had achieved victory in Red Alert 3, while in the Imperial campaign, the Allies and the Soviets still have a peace treaty.

The Soviet campaign focuses on the remaining Soviet resistance trying to stop FutureTech, the Allied defense contractor, which plans to create a super weapon called the "Sigma Harmonizer" (a device to selectively stop time).

The Allied campaign concentrates on defeating several renegade Imperial warlords who still resist Allied occupational forces. Emperor Tatsu has seemingly begun to cooperate with the Allies, but ends up with trying to defeat the commander, as his power is restored by the fall of Takara, the last enemy commander in the Allied campaign.

The Empire's campaign covers the fight against the Soviets who attempt to conquer parts of Japan. The Allies are also partially involved. Emperor Tatsu greets the commander at first mission. On the second he orders the commander to protect the tomb of his father Yoshiro, the Emperor of the Rising Sun in Red Alert 3.

The Yuriko campaign recounts the story of Yuriko Omega, her creation, her captivity by the Allies and her fight to rescue her sister. The Yuriko campaign uses different controls and camera than the rest of the game, allowing only to see the screen in which Yuriko is located and replacing the sidebar, minimap and threat meter with a compact command bar dedicated to Yuriko.


This section lists new characters only. For the former characters, see Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.

Allied Nations
Main article: Allied characters of Command & Conquer
  • Holly Valance as Brenda Snow[2][3][4]
  • Ric Flair as Commander Douglas Hill[2][3]
  • Malcolm McDowell as European Union President Rupert Thornley[2][3]
  • Jodi Lyn O'Keefe as FutureTech CPO Kelly Weaver[2][3]
  • Louise Griffiths as Commander Lydia Winters
Empire of the Rising Sun
  • Jamie Chung as Commander Takara Sato[2][3]
  • Julia Ling as Izumi[5]
  • Vic Chao as Dr. Shinji Shimada
Soviet Union
Main article: Soviet characters of Command & Conquer
  • Moran Atias as Commander Vera Belova

New units[]

Allied Nations
  • Harbinger Gunship: A heavy anti-surface gunship that can both absorb and inflict heavy damage
  • Pacifier FAV: An amphibious field artillery vehicle
  • Cryo Legionnaire: An amphibious infantry that can freeze a group of ground units
  • Future Tank X-1: An anti-surface tank that can both absorb and inflict heavy damage
Empire of the Rising Sun
  • Steel Ronin: A bipedal robot armed with a naginata
  • Archer Maiden: A ranged infantry that can attack both air and land
  • Giga-Fortress: A powerful unit that can transform between a heavy naval battleship and a long-range aircraft
Soviet Union
  • Reaper: A walker that attack both land and air and can permanently transform into a stationary gun emplacement
  • Grinder: An armored vehicle capable of disabling and grinding enemy units and buildings
  • Desolator: An infantry armed with chemical weapons
  • Mortar Cycle: A fast attack bike armed Molotov cocktails and mortars

Commander's Challenge[]

Uprising also features a mode called Commander's Challenge in which players can play against AI commanders with various skill levels. This mode was also released as a stand-alone downloadable game for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Commander's Challenge contains 50 different, successively tougher scenarios. This is loosely based on Generals' Challenge from Zero Hour.[6] It features some returning commanders from Red Alert 3 as well as some new ones.[7] It contains some Campaign-Only Units that appeared in the original Red Alert 3 such as the Tesla Tank and the Shogun Executioner.[8] Certain Maps in the Commander's Challenge also have special effects such as garbage raining from the sky or units produced on the map are shrunk.[9][10] Before completing any missions, the player has access to only the basic units of each side, however upon completing each mission, more units are unlocked from the tech tree of that challenge's opponents.


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