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Command & Conquer: Sole Survivor is a multi-player only Command & Conquer game. You play as a single unit or infantry from Command & Conquer. There is no single-player campaign, and the game has no storyline.

Command & Conquer: Sole Survivor was omitted from Command & Conquer: The First Decade compilation.


The gameplay is generally micromanagement of a single unit. For unit you can choose any infantry and vehicles from Commmand & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn. You can also choose the Dinosaurs which were hidden in the game. Each unit has it own different stats when they start out. You must collect crates to powerup your units. The crates contain upgrades to increase the unit's firepower, armor, speed, attack range, and rate of fire. Crates can also make units stealth and heals the unit if it is damage. Like in past Command & Conquer game, the crates are random. But if the unit becomes too powerful they are vulnerable to an ion cannon strike when he collects more crates.

There are three modes of play free-for-all, Capture the flag, and Football.

Free for all has a deathmatch style gameplay which players kill other players for points. The player with the most points within the time limit to win. The player can collect crates to power up his unit. In this mode 50 players can play online at a time.

Capture the flag consist of gameplay where players play on a team with an objective of taking the opponents flag in their base. The base is guarded by defense structures so players must work in teams to destroy defenses and take the flag.

Football is a mode of play in which the player's objective is to take the flag from the opposing team. This mode is similar to capture the flag but the enemy base has no defenses.


Football being played in Sole Survivor

Sole Survivor has no monthly charge online and the game automatically patches. The game was run on Westwood's server where players could view their points to death ratios. Westwood eventually ceased support of the game, removing the Sole Survivor server, and the only mode one can currently play on is single player offline.

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