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Commanders: Attack of the Genos
Developer(s) SouthEnd Interactive
Publisher(s) Sierra Online
status Status Missing
Release date February 13, 2008
Genre Turn-based strategy
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer (via Xbox Live)
Age rating(s) ESRB: Everyone
Platform(s) Xbox Live Arcade
Arcade system Arcade System Missing
Media Download
Input Gamepad
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Commanders: Attack of the Genos (formerly Commanders: Attack!) is a turn-based strategy Xbox Live Arcade game developed by SouthEnd Interactive and published by Sierra Online for the Xbox 360, featuring strategic troop placement and head-to-head warfare, using such weaponry as missile launchers, bombers and infantry. The game has high-definition graphics featuring a 1930’s art deco style look and feel, inspired by The War of the Worlds.[1]

The single player campaign consists of 15 missions, as well as online and same machine multiplayer play of up to 4 players, with skirmishes and co-op play.



Gameplay screenshot.

Commanders: Attack of the Genos tells the story of an alternate history, one in which humanity has discovered the secrets of atomic energy right at the opening of the 20th Century. By the year 1924, technology as accelerated to the point where humans have cracked the human genome, and have managed to create a whole new race of genetically modified lifeforms, dubbed Genos. Genos have been developed to be stronger, faster, and generally better on the whole than the rest of the human race, causing the rest of the world to resent the Genos. This results in their eventual exile to another land. While a tenuous peace existed between the two races for some time, the start of the game seems to indicate that the time for peace has passed, as the Genos invade.


Federation of Human Nations
Uses defense aruas and swift tactics.
Slow but very strong genetically modified combatants.
Neutral civilians
Neutral civilian structures are hot spots for reinforcements and supplies.



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