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Opposing Fronts is almost, if not, equally the same as the original. This time, Relic brings in two new factions, the British Commonwealth and the German Panzer Elites. Both come with their own special abilities. The Commonwealth excel at defenses and protecting key points. The Panzer Elites excel at attacking, having greater strength than their counterpart, the German Nazi.This expansion adds two new campaigns as well as the factions.The Commonwealth campaign which is about the liberation of Caen,and the Nazi campaign about Operation Market Garden.&nbsp

The first campaign you play as the Panzer Elite who specialise in fast mobile forces. Your job is to stop the British paratroopers from conquering a key vital bridge in Operation Market Garden, The Low Countries.

The second campaign you play as the British Second Army. In the campaign you hold of the Germans from taking Caen and fnally conquer it.

The 2 new factions are totally different. The British specialise in defense as ordinary troops can build slit trenches. The Panzer Elite have no static defenses (unless doctrinal) and specialise in mobile warfare. In the early game the Panzer Elite can quickly conquer half the map with their cheap unarmed mobile Kettengrads and Scout Cars.

The other new additions to the game is the weather and the new campaigns. The game is a standalone expansion pack to Company of Heroes. You do not need the original Company of Heroes to play it but if you do have the original you can use the two new factions to play the two old factions.

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