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Contact is an RPG designed by Akira Ueda, and developed by Grasshopper Manufacture, the team behind Killer7. It breaks the fourth wall by including the player as a character who assists the Professor, and the main character, Terry. The touch screen is used to manipulate decals & stickers which can give stat boosts, or perform specific tasks.


The Professor and his Space Cat, Mochi, are in their space ship, being chased. They are shot down and lose all the power cells that are required for his ship. After landing on a strange planet, they meet Terry, a young boy who is a long way from home as a result of the Professor. Terry agrees to help the Professor, as they travel from island to island, solving quests in order to ultimately get all the power cells back.


There is a wide variety of gameplay to explain in Contact. Other than standard combat, Terry can also cook, fish, collect costumes, and much more.


The main combat is closer to real-time strategy games or MMORPGs than traditional RPGs. Players simply enter an "attack mode" and then move Terry near an enemy. Terry attacks automatically at a set rate of fire, but players can choose to use learned techs at any time, if they have the MP.

The game also features many statistics to level up, which are gained instantaneously. Every hit Terry takes increases your Defense EXP, every step increases his Jogging EXP, every meal he cooks increases his Cooking EXP, etc.

Players also have the unique ability to attack anyone in the game. There are enemies who attack you no matter what, but there are also helpless rabbits and sheep who are simply living out their lives, not expecting to be attacked. Terry can even be made to attack most NPCs, though killing innocents will lower his reputation and cause negative effects.

Screen usage[]

The top screen will almost always display the Professor in an isometric, purposely pixel-heavy art style. The bottom screen features painted backgrounds and many more colors. Despite this, Terry will sometimes enter the Professor's 16-bit world.

The touch screen can be used to control movement and navigate menus, though buttons can also be used. The only thing that the touch screen does that the controls cannot is peel off and apply decal stickers.

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection[]

Contact is Wi-Fi enabled, though not for multiplayer. Instead, players simply trade friend codes, "make contact" with each other, and then save. Every player you make contact with will appear in a place called WiFisland as an NPC. Here, you can have conversations and get free items or stat boosts.

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