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Cosmic DJ is a casual indie music game developed by Gl33k and published by Devolver Digital. It was published on Steam for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS on October 30, 2014.


This is a quick "pick-up and play" musical experience about the joy of music creation for budding intergalactic musicians of all skill levels. The players can set among the stars as they will strive to become the master Cosmic DJ coming through six musical adventures, and over there, they are tasked with repairing the all-important “Jamtennas” and bring harmony back to the galaxy.


  • Tap/Grid Sequencer - tap out your own beats from a set of funky instruments or align them using the grid sequencer for perfect rhythm.
  • .MP3 Conversion - export your musical masterpieces and share with other budding Cosmic DJs.
  • Story Mode - repair the Jamtennas and bring the groove back to the galaxy.
  • Quick Play - just let the music take over without anything getting in your way.

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