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Counter-Strike began as a popular mod for the game Half-Life, originally called Half-Life: Counter-Strike. First released as a beta on June 19, 1999, this game offers Terrorist versus Counter-Terrorist gameplay over the Internet. An updated version, Counter-Strike: Source, is available for the Source Engine. Over 85,000 players can be found playing Counter-strike at any particular time.


Counter-Strike is a multiplayer game that features two sides; Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. These different sides form the two distinct teams that usually start at opposite sides of an area or map. There are objectives for both teams, usually to fulfill a mission objective, such as placing a bomb, rescuing hostages, or eliminating the opposing team in a deathmatch.


Gameplay usually starts after the player has connected to the game. The gamer begins with a small amount of money, from which he can accumulate by killing enemies and fulfilling objectives to buy more advanced weapons. The freeze-time in the beginning is used by players to buy equipment, usually with shortcut and hotkeys. By pressing a preset key a gamer can view the Scoreboard, where the name, score, kills and ping can be viewed. After dying in a round, the gamer will automatically become a spectator for the rest of the round, until that particular round has finished. Boasting fast-paced gameplay compared to the large amount of shooters out in the market, its simplicity has made it one of the premiere games of this generation. Head-shots, a major theme of CS culture, are usually a one-shot kill and what separates good players with amateurs.

Player Types[]

There are two types of players: The Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists. These are also separated into 4 types of each, which apparently have no difference in armor or statistics. These include the Terrorists' Phoenix Connexion, the Elite Crew, Arctic Avengers and Guerrillas, and also the Counter-Terrorists' SEAL Team 6s, GSG9s, SASes, and GIGNs. Other types include VIPs and non-player Hostages.

Counter-Terrorist models[]

  • SEAL Team 6 - First appeared in initial CS beta - "ST-6 (to be later known as DEVGRU) was founded in 1981 under the command of Lieutenant-Commander Richard Marciko. ST-6 was placed on permanent alert to respond to terrorist attacks against American targets worldwide."
  • GSG 9 - Added in CS beta 6 - "GSG 9 was formed out of the tragic events that led to the death of several Israeli athletes during the 1972 Olympic games in Munich, Germany."
  • SAS - Added in CS beta 5 - "World-renowned British SAS was founded in the Second World War by a man named David Stirling. Their role in WW2 involved intelligence gathering behind enemy lines and executing sabotage strikes and assassinations against key targets."
  • GIGN - Added in CS beta 3 - "France's elite counter-terrorist group, the GIGN, was designed to be a fast response force that could decisively react to any large-scale terrorist incident. Consisting of no more than 100 men, the GIGN has earned its reputation through a history of successful ops."

Terrorist models[]

  • Phoenix Connexion - First appeared in initial CS beta - "Having established a reputation for killing anyone who gets in their way, the Phoenix Connexion is one of the most feared terrorist groups in eastern Europe. Formed shortly after the breakup of the USSR."
  • Elite Crew (L337 Krew prior to CS 1.6) - Added in CS beta 3 - "Middle Eastern fundamentalist geeks bent on world domination and various other evil deeds."
  • Arctic Avengers - Added in CS beta 6 - "Swedish terrorist faction founded in 1977. Infamous for their bombing of the Canadian embassy in 1990."
  • Guerilla Warfare - Added in CS beta 2.5 - "A terrorist fraction founded in the Middle East, this group has a reputation for ruthlessness. Their disgust for American lifestyle was demonstrated in their 1982 bombing of a school bus full of Rock and Roll musicians."

Other models[]

  • VIP- Used in assassination maps in which he is armed with a pistol only and must be extracted by the counter-terrorist or killed by the terrorist.


For the main article see Counter-Strike maps

Besides the default maps, maps can be made using Valve's Hammer Editor.

Equipment & Weapons[]


  • 9x19mm Sidearm (GLOCK 18C)
  • K&M .45 Tactical (Heckler & Koch USP45 Tactical)
  • 228 Compact (SIG SAUER P228)
  • Night Hawk .50C (Desert Eagle .50 AE)
  • ES Five-Seven (FN Herstal Five-seveN)
  • Dual-Wielded 9x19mm Elites (2x Beretta 96G Elite IIs)


  • Leone 12 Gauge Super (Benelli M3 Super 90)
  • Leone YG1265 Auto Shotgun (Benelli M1014)

Submachine Guns

  • Schmidt Machine Pistol (Steyr TMP)
  • Ingram MAC-10 (MAC-10)
  • K&M Sub-Machine Gun (Heckler & Koch MP5 NA3)
  • K&M UMP45 (Heckler & Koch UMP45)
  • ES C90 (FN Herstal P90)


  • Clarion 5.56 (FAMAS)
  • IDF Defender (Galil AR)
  • Schmidt Scout (Mannlicher Scout)
  • Maverick M4A1 Carbine (Colt M4A1 Carbine)
  • CV-47 (AK-47)
  • Bullpup (Steyr AUG A1)
  • Krieg 552 (SIG SAUER SG 552)
  • Krieg 550 Commando (SIG SAUER SG 550 Sniper)
  • Magnum Sniper Rifle (Accuracy International AWM)
  • D3/AU-1 (Heckler & Koch G3SG/1)

Machine Guns

  • M249 (FN Herstal M249 PARA)


  • Smoke Grenade
  • Flashbang
  • HE Grenade


  • Tactical Shield
  • Bomb (C4 explosives)
  • Defusal kit
  • Night vision goggles
  • Kevlar vest
  • Kevlar vest and helmet


Cheating used to be a major problem in Counter-Strike, from aimbots, to speed hacks and everything in-between, players could get their hands on anything which made finishing objectives and killing other players easier. Valve released an anti-cheat system, Valve Anti-Cheat (commonly shorted to VAC). Players cheating on servers that have VAC enabled run the risk of having a VAC ban placed on their account.

Counter-strike Culture[]

Counter-Strike is a popular game in the world, especially when found in Internet Cafes and Gaming Bars. Professional gamers and leagues from the hierarchy of the CS world, and skilled players with a name are feared and are respected around the world. Tournaments are hosted frequently and players often hone their skills to compete with friends or against online players. Extremely powerful factions of the game such as Team 3D can make a living out of CS. Teamspeak and Ventrilo are used by players to give out instructions and to give orders. Many Mods have been created to expand the gameplay of Counter-strike, and its versatility to create maps and mods have contributed greatly to its overall success.

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