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Countersnipe is an action sniper duel game developed and published by Ninja Kiwi, who have also developed the Bloons series. It was released on Steam for Microsoft Windows on December 6, 2019, and then for Android devices on January 28, 2021.


In this game, the player can join up with 3 other players for quick four-versus-four skill-based sniper shooting matches. Every round is different as agents appear randomly across hundreds of possible locations on each map.

The player can customize their choice of weapon, upgrades, agent, skills, activated items, armor, and ammo type to suit their play style. The more the player wins, the more they unlock powerful in-game items and rare cosmetic upgrades for guns and agents.


  • 3 distinct maps with hundreds of possible agent locations, distractions, and destroyable objects
  • Balanced variation - spawn points change each game but are shared by both teams to ensure each match is fair
  • Target seeking is key to victory - quick scanning, pattern recognition, movement sense, and memory can give your team the edge
  • Wide spectrum of gun handling and scopes, further modified by upgrades, attachments, agent skills, and mastery, which allows for nuance and refinement with each weapon
  • Balanced multiplayer - squad formation and match selection factor in gun tier and agent level to find the fairest match
  • 4 gun manufacturers, each with their own styles - Griffin, Blackburn, LAO, and K&B
  • 25 guns across 5 tiers of power, 280+ upgrades, and 28 attachments for incredible variety in handling and play
  • 180 levels of Mastery in 9 critical areas for each gun allows expert fine tuning
  • 8 Agents with 10 upgrades each and an assortment of 24 skills that can amplify offense or defense
  • 100+ awesome unlockable rewards each Episode
  • Plus 80+ achievements, Gun Training, Events, new Episodes and tons more!

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