Codex Gamicus

Basic Information

The Covenant is a vast empire of seven alien species following the footsteps of the Forerunners. They believe that they will become gods when all of the Halo rings are fired.


  • Prophets (Leaders of the Covenant)
  • Elites (High military force and high council ranks, but in Halo 2's events they were betrayed by the Prophets.)
  • Brutes (A race that recently joined the covenant. In Halo 2's events they replaced the Elites and became sub leaders of the covenant)
  • Grunts (A small size alien race that serves as a military force. They are not brave and run from battlefields)
  • Jackals (A birdlike race that serves as snipers. They are cowards and will not sacrifice their lives for the Covenant)
  • Hunters (A wormlike race with heavy armor covering their entire body. They are extremely dangerous)
  • Drones (An insect race that was forced to join. They accepted the Covenant offer and they see the Prophets as their queens)