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Cricket Coach 2009 (Cricket Coach 2010 in retail) is a cricket video game, the 2009 edition of the Cricket Coach series. It contains all current cricket players from first class cricket, Test cricket, List-A and One Day International teams. It can be played in a career mode indefinitely, with repeating domestic and international fixtures generated for each year, along with youth players continually added and other players retiring to enable an open-ended career as coach of a national or domestic side. An alternate 'International Series' mode allows the user to pick two countries and run a series of matches in one of the three cricket formats. The user can also opt for the franchises to be emptied or to stop player retirements and ageing.

In October 2009, designer Oli Norwell released patch 3.07 which had some significant new features.[1] Now the World Cricket League structure has been added to the game, allowing the player to coach a team from World Cricket League Division 1-6 and attempt to earn Test status. It also added tournaments such as the Intercontinental Cup and the Intercontinental Shield. More versions followed in late 2009 adding extra features each time. The most recent version is 3.12.

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