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CrimeCraft is a free-to-play persistent online shooter game developed by Vogster Entertainment and published at retail by THQ. The game is set in the near future where the world lies in anarchy and gangs have replaced governments.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Crimecraft was released at retail through an exclusive deal with Best Buy and THQ in the United States and Canada and online worldwide on August 25, 2009.[1] In late October 2009, CrimeCraft received their first major patch update, which included an unlimited free trial. There have been regular updates to the game since that time to add more content and to fix several major bugs that were present in the game at launch.[2]

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

CrimeCraft revolves around gang warfare, combining role-playing elements as well as an MMO environment. A large, persistent city acts as the game’s lobby where players can form gangs, accept missions and buy new weapons. The game consists of seven game modes, which can be broken down into two major categories: PvP game modes, wherein players compete against each other, and PvE game modes, wherein players compete against computer controlled AI bots. Other features include questing, achievements, crafting and gang hideouts.[3]

Reception[edit | edit source]

CrimeCraft was heavily criticized for its business model after its initial launch.[4] Since launch the developer, Vogster Entertainment, has changed the business model from a box purchase with subscription fee and microtransactions to an “Unlimited Free Trial” and have now settled on a more traditional Free to Play model with upgrades via subscriptions and microtransactions.[5]

Controversy[edit | edit source]

CrimeCraft was refused classification in Australia on November 30, 2009 by the Classification Board because of the game's use of drugs as incentives or rewards.[6]

Kingpin[edit | edit source]

Crimecraft: Kingpin is a companion product to CrimeCraft that runs on iPhone and Facebook. It is a social MMO in a mafia wars style.

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