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Croc begins with five lives (hearts) and must find or buy heart pots to be able to have more than five lives at one time. If Croc is wounded by an enemy he loses one life, but does not go back to the beginning of the level. If he falls down a bottomless pit or is unable to get out of a lava pit in time, he reverts to the last save gong. Once he has loses all his lives, he returns back to the village door in which he entered the level and will have five lives.

Croc can tail whip and stop to kill enemies as before but now there is also triple jumping and long jumping. There are also clockwork gobbos and gummies as well as spaces for both to be put. Items such as heart pots, gummies, and clockwork gobbos can be bought at Swap Meet Pete's store. There is one in every village and it is where you start when entering the next world. This jolly fat man's only purpose is to sell stuff to you and transport you to the next or previous village.

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There are four villages Croc must traverse through before reaching the end of the game, each with gobbos of different personalities. The four villages are the Sailor Village (fields and sea), the Cossack Village (Snow and Ice), the Caveman Village (Prehistoric) and the Inca Village (City and temple). Each village has 5 main levels (2 for Inca), 2 bosses (1 for Inca) and a secret Golden Gobbo door.

In each level (except golden gobbo door or boss levels) there are 100 clear colored crystals to collect and these add to croc's total amount of funds if croc exits or finishes the level alive. There are also five colored crystals, each of different color that must be collected if the player wants a chance to get the golden gobbo for the level. After getting all of the golden gobbos for each level, croc can enter a golden gobbo door and try to get the puzzle piece from the level. After getting all four of the puzzle pieces croc can enter the three hidden levels, which are remakes of the first three villages full of Danitis.

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