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CrossFire or Cross Fire (CF) (Korean: 크로스파이어; Simplified Chinese: 穿越火线; Japanese: クロスファイア; Template:Lang-vi) is a South Korean made tactical first-person shooter online PC game developed by South Korean FPS developing groups SmileGate and Neowiz. The game was released in China by Tencent,[1] with Tencent as the exclusive agent service company. Tencent operates the game through the Internet, with service areas covered and the networks supported by China Telecom and China Netcom. The tests for its software bugs were started publicly in April 2008.[2]


CrossFire features two International Mercenary Forces, locked together in an epic global conflict. Players assume the role of either a Black List terrorist or Global Risk anti-terrorist mercenary, joining an online team that must work together to complete objective-based scenarios. There are seven online modes: Team Death Match, Search and Destroy, Elimination Match, Ghost Mode, Free-For-All,Mutation Mode and brand new Escape Mode. Based on their performance in-game, players will receive experience points and be promoted through various Military Ranks. Players will also have the ability to customize their character's equipment and appearance through CrossFire's in-game item shop. CrossFire is free to download and playable online. It has a free currency which is called Game Points(GP). Certain premium and special items like modified weapons can only be bought using points which are obtained using real money in the form of cards or online transactions, the name of points vary from country to country..


CROSS FIRE: A WORLD IN CONFLICT [3] Relentless armed conflict between world powers has given rise to a new underground rivalry. Global Risk and Black List, mercenary factions with opposing worldviews, are now responsible for the ever shifting international balance of power. The origin of these two outfits can be traced back to the escalating use of PMCs (Private Military Corporations) by governments to wage secret proxy wars on their opposition. This trend gave the founders of both Global Risk and Black List the resources to recruit former members of special operations forces from around the globe to establish their respective mercenary organizations. Now firmly entrenched in positions of extreme power and influence, the battles of these two warring factions will shape the future of the world…

Black List is a secretive mercenary organization that advocates the use of violence to halt the spread of corporate capitalism and globalization. They claim that current world powers have used aggressive foreign policy to maintain modern empires, and will use any means necessary to combat their expansion.

The Black List organization operates outside of any legal systems, and as a result its origins have remained unknown. Indeed, no one has ever come close to discovering the identities of its leaders. Initially, they were made up of militant groups from war torn nations. However, recent outrage against global and domestic economic inequality has served to strengthen the ranks of Black List, as more and more embittered former special operations agents have joined the organization.

While calling themselves freedom fighters for all oppressed peoples of third world nations, Black List has been a true thorn in the side of globalization efforts by capitalist governments. Although serving the ambitions of impoverished nations does not net them great profit, they are still able to fund operations through illegal channels and private investors.

The label of freedom fighters is not accepted by their opponents, who believe Black List are nothing more than a terrorist outfit bent on destroying democratic ideals. This is a valid concern, as their efforts have contributed to an increasingly violent world.

Global Risk is a giant private military corporation without national identity.It is composed of former members of special operations forces and its stated aim is to impose order in an increasingly chaotic world by any means necessary.

Sir Alex Roid and General Edward Wolfe, retired SAS members of the British Army, founded the company after becoming disillusioned with the inefficiency of their government’s actions to curb widespread terrorism. At this point, Global Risk was a relatively small operation with the two founders also participating in missions themselves. After General Wolfe was killed in a vicious battle off the west coast of South Africa, Sir Roid was determined to further expand Global Risk’s military superiority. Roid then partnered with Australian-born American businessman and weapons manufacturer, Michael Norman. Together these men quickly elevated Global Risk to an entity with major influence in international affairs.

Global Risk relies on their military prowess and corporate expertise to further solidify their status as the keepers of global order. They have adhered to these principles, becoming the single most successful weapon in the war against terrorism and anarchy in modern society.

While Global Risk is allegedly serving the agenda of democratic world governments, some say they are using them to gain further prestige and economic superiority. They have, in fact, been able to achieve the level of an almost-world power.

Games modes[]

Crossfire features several game modes, each with unique maps and rules.[4]

  • Team Deathmatch: Players must work together as a team to kill the enemies a designated number of times, or get more kills in a designated time limit. Players respawn after a certain amount of time after death.
  • Search & Destroy: The Black List attempts to destroy designated points with C4, or destroy all the Global Risk players, while the GR team must destroy all Black List players before the bomb is planted (If the bomb is planted but disarmed before it explodes, it counts for a GR victory).
  • Elimination mode/Wipe Out mode: Similar to team death match only players don't respawn when killed, and it runs on a basis of rounds instead of kills or a time limit. In some maps, players start only with their melee weapons and must pick up guns pre-set in the map.
  • Ghost Mode: All Black List terrorists are cloaked in invisibility (while not moving), and are only armed with melee weapons, while all Global Risk mercenaries are fully visible, but can use all available weapons. The Black List must use stealth to blow up either one of the targets with C4 to win, while the Global Risk mercenaries must defend the targets and shoot down any ghosts. Global Risk can locate invisible Black List when in their vicinity as they emit a heavy breathing sound, footsteps, splashing in the water, and ghosts also become significantly visible while moving.
  • Special Mode: A mode that is fully manipulated by the player.
  • Free for All: A mode where there is no teams with optional weapon restrictions. Players constantly respawn at different locations. The round ends when a player reaches the kill quota for the match or the timer runs out.
  • Mutation Mode*[5] 1-2 players are infected and turned into mutants 20 seconds into the round, depending on how many players are in the game, the number of infected mutant changes. An infected mutant will begin with 4000-6000 HP. When a person is hit or attacked by a mutant, they become a mutant with 2000-3000 HP. When the time is up or all mutants are dead, the soldiers win. If all the soldiers become mutant, the mutants win. Mutants are flung backwards when shot.

Mutation Mode for the US, Canada and UK was released on February 12[6] and differs slightly from the other versions.Instead of the default "Red Zombie" (Dread, which must be bought), players start with the "Green Zombie" (Slug) which must be bought on other versions. Crossfire recently made a new character in April called a Maiden which has optic camouflage as a special move. In the recent August Patch, a new character was introduced, called Smoke, which spews out thick, black smoke as its special move.

  • Escape Mode The newest game mode, one team must "escape" through a portal a certain number of times while the other team tries to prevent them. There are walls and doors that can be destroyed to make the escaping teams job easier, at half time the teams switch sides (if the team finishes escaping early, then they immediately switch sides. If they don't complete their goal, then the other team only has to finish what the other team started).

English Version[]

G4BOX, the North American publisher of CrossFire, released an Open Beta in late October 2008. CrossFire North America is much like the Neowiz version developed in Korea.


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