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Cyberwar is a PC game based on the film The Lawnmower Man. It was released in 1994 by SCi.

You play as Dr. Angelo, sent in to Virtual Reality to defeat Jobe, who, in the film was born simple but increased his brain capacity by 400% using Virtual Reality. He eventually leaves his physical body and enters VR permanently.

The various gameplay elements are based on the Virtual Reality segments seen in the original film. For instance, one of the levels has you flying through tunnels avoiding multiple objects, much like one of the games in the film.

The game did not have multiple lives, but just one - if you missed any part of any challenge, you were sent to the cyber-"hell" where you died. This proved brutal to many who played this game, but the puzzles were colorful and innovative - at least one required you to remember a code from the first disc to be used in a room on the second disc. If you entered the wrong code, you died.

Cyberwar consists of 3 discs but also includes a CD with the soundtrack featured in the game.

This game is now very rare but can sometimes be found on auction sites.

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