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D-Day is a real-time strategy war-game, that is set during and after the Normandy D-Day landings in 1944. The game features fully rendered 3D viewable from different angles. The player can take control of up to 60 different units, from snipers, to flamethrower units, and can take control of wheeled and tracked units. It is considered a sequel to Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps, which uses the same control system and engine, along with Monte Cristo's 1944 : Battle of the Bulge.[1]

The game features single player campaign modes, and a multiplayer mode, consisting of 8 players.

The game was released to coincide with the 60th Anniversary of the actual Normandy Invasion in June 1944.[2] The game received mostly favorable critical praise.[3]


The game features many different angles of the invasion, from the assault on Pegasus Bridge to the landing on Omaha Beach. D-Day features many different types of vehicles and tactical aid, such as paratroopers, artillery strikes and bombing runs, as well as many infantry types, such as medics and riflemen equipped with flamethrowers, and anti-tank weapons.


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