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D3Publisher (D3パブリッシャー D3 Paburisshā) is a Japanese video game publisher founded in 1992. Current CEO and president is Yuji Ito, and It is known for its Simple series of low-priced console games. Their games have been released for the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Nintendo GameCube, Wii and Xbox 360.The name stands for "Domain 3" and refers to the three publishing "domains" the company originally intended to enter - video games, music and books - although the company now exclusively publishes video games. During 2007, D3 Publisher acquired game studio Vicious Cycle Software.In 2009, Namco Bandai Holdings gained a controlling share of D3 and currently owns 95% of its stock.

Published games[]


  • Astro Boy: The Video Game (Wii, PS2, NDS, PSP)
  • Ben 10: Protector of Earth (Wii, PS2, NDS, PSP)
  • Break 'Em All (NDS)
  • Coraline (Wii, PS2, NDS)
  • Dark Sector (Wii, PS3, XB360)
  • Dead Head Fred (PSP)
  • Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire (Wii)
  • Earth Defense Force 2017 (X360)
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy: Scam of the Century (NDS)
  • Flushed Away (GCN, NDS, GBA, PS2)
  • Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi: Kaznapped! (GBA)
  • Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi: The Genie and the Amp (NDS)
  • Naruto: Clash of Ninja series (GCN, Wii)
  • Naruto: Ninja Council series (GBA, NDS)
  • Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords (PS2, PS3, PSP, NDS, Wii, PC, X360)
  • Puzzle Quest: Galactrix (DS, PC, PS3, X360)
  • Work Time Fun (PSP)
  • Shaun the Sheep (NDS)
  • The Secret Saturdays: Beasts of the 5th Sun (PS2, PSP, NDS, Wii)


  • Earth Defence Force 2017 (X360)
  • Essential Sudoku DS (DS)
  • Flushed Away (PS2, GCN, GBA, NDS)
  • Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords (NDS, PSP)
  • Shaun the Sheep (NDS)


  • Simple series
  • Dream Club
  • Vampire Knight DS
  • Misshitsu no Sacrifice

Future games[]

  • Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight
  • The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack: The Video Game
  • The OneChanbara
  • Riho Futaba

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