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Differences between PC and GBA releases of DOOM[]

Most differences from the PC version are directly inherited from the Atari Jaguar version of the game upon which this port is based.

  • All maps in the game are based on the simplified levels as used in the Atari Jaguar release, with less complex geometry, fewer textures used, and some areas removed entirely. Any bugs present with these new maps were directly inherited. No maps from DOOM: Episode IV - Thy Flesh Consumed are present, since it didn't exist at the time of the Jaguar version releasing.
  • The only secret level remaining is E1M9: Military Base.
  • There are no crushing ceilings.
  • The blur artifact and light amplification visor power-ups are removed entirely.
  • Health potions and spiritual armor give a 2% bonus instead of a 1% bonus.
  • Sound propagation appears to be unused, most likely to conserve performance; this means that all enemies are effectively deaf as a result. Some monsters periodically become active before they enter the player's line of sight, but whether or not this is a bug is uncertain.
  • No animated or text intermissions appear for the first two episodes' completion; the only intermission that appears is at the end of the game.
  • Lighting affects the level geometry, but not objects; all enemies, items, and decorations are displayed at full brightness and thus will glow in the dark (instead of just specific "bright" objects like lost souls or light sources like lamps).
  • There is no real-time lighting from player gunshots.
  • Cyberdemons and spiderdemons are not present. Barons of Hell and cacodemons are typically used as bosses instead, with the game ending on the equivalent of E2M9: Fortress of Mystery, which as in the Jaguar version is retitled Dis.
  • Spectres are situationally either removed, or replaced with demons.
  • Cacodemons move much faster than normal.