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DOOM 64 TC (originally titled DOOM 64: Absolution) is a total conversion mod for DOOM II: Hell on Earth that aims to faithfully recreate the DOOM 64 video game released on the Nintendo 64.


Since the release of the DOOM source code for the computer games, programmers have created feature-enhanced versions of DOOM game in their own source ports. Several fans of DOOM 64 decided to work to convert the game's exclusive content to the computer using jDoom, generally considered the most advanced of the source ports in terms of graphics. The add-on, DOOM 64 TC (originally titled DOOM 64: Absolution) is available for download and features the new graphics and maps of the original Nintendo 64 video game. It is a near-perfect re-creation of DOOM 64, with new, original content, and an incomplete, discontinued expansion, The Outcast Levels, also available as a separate addon. Not everything is the same, however. For example, the Unmaker fires, in the PC version, are little orange pulses. In the Nintendo 64 original game, it fires actual red laser beams that can pierce enemies. This mod appeals to many fans as a way to enjoy DOOM 64 without emulation.

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