Codex Gamicus

Differences Between DOOM for GBA and DOOM II for GBA[]

  • All levels are present (including secret levels)
  • Original status bar font is used
  • Demons have their original death sounds
  • All monster kinds are present

Differences between PC and GBA releases of DOOM II[]

  • Archvile's flame sounds were taken out
  • Revenant's missiles don't smoke
  • Blood is green
  • Status bar face doesn't bleed
  • Super shotgun shells are a different shade of red
  • Super shotgun reloads faster
  • Dropped weapons and items give
  • 2 music tracks are missing
  • Box of rockets gives 10 rockets instead of 5
  • The Industrial zone and the Chasm are split due to size concerns
  • BFG explosions use the same explosion animations as the standard rocket launcher
  • Lighting is lower