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Darius Twin is a horizontal scrolling shooter for the Super Nintendo, released in 1991 and is part of the Darius series. It is also being re-released on the Wii Virtual Console in Japan on April 13, 2010.


Taking place sometime after Darius II, Proco and Tiat realized just how far Belser had reached into space and hurried back to Orga in hopes of warning the populace. The time they were gone was just enough time for Belser's allies to regroup and spread beyond Darius and begin their invasion of Orga. Once again, Proco and Tiat are quick to throw themselves into battle.


Though similar to the arcade Darius entries, Darius Twin featured slightly different gameplay features, most notably in the player's power-ups. Players collected weapon and shield power-ups from square shaped enemies that approached the player from the front and behind, but once players died after collecting a certain amount of power-ups, the power-ups the player collected stayed with the ship post-destruction. Players 1 and 2 were allowed their own separate amounts of lives, but there were no continues in the game.


Darius Twin adopts from Darius II the idea of the Captains, mid-bosses that are smaller forms of bosses from previous Darius games:

  • Little Stripes (angelfish)
  • Guard Savage (tiger shark)
  • My Home Daddy (hermit crab)
  • Burst Out (pufferfish)

In the last stage of the game, the only enemies that are placed before the bosses are Captains.


  • Zone A: Killer Higia (mackerel)
  • Zones B and C: Emperor Fossil and Queen Fossil (both coelacants)
  • Zone D: Demon Sword (squid)
  • Zones E and F: Dual Shears SP (lobster)
  • Zone G: Red Mist (octopus)
  • Zones H and I: Dark Coronatus (crowned seahorse)
  • Zone J: Full Metal Shell (sea turtle)
  • Zone K: Hyper Great Thing (sperm whale)
  • Zone L: Like the Mercury stage on Darius II, this stage has 2 bosses in succession. The first one is Super Alloy Lantern (anglerfish). After Super Alloy Lantern is defeated or after a certain time, the player(s) will enter its interior to fight Great Tusk (walrus).


This is the only Darius game where there is only one final stage. As a result, Taito adopted a unique ending modality for this game. There are four endings, each triggered by certain actions in-game:

  • "Try Again" Ending: Don't destroy Super Alloy Lantern (the player still must defeat Great Tusk).
  • Good Ending: Lose at least 1 life during the entire game.
  • Great Ending: Destroy Full Metal Shell without losing a single life during the entire game.
  • True Ending: Destroy Hyper Great Thing without losing a single life during the entire game.

The three last endings will never trigger unless you destroy Super Alloy Lantern.

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