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Dark Energy Digital,[1] is a developer and publisher of videogames for all formats, formed by the management team behind Blade Interactive,[2] which continues to operate as a separate company. Dark Energy is a privately owned UK software developer and publisher of some eight years standing devoted to creating innovative games from original IP.[3] On September 28, 2007, following the public announcement of Hydrophobia, it was announced that a multi-million deal had been made between Blade Interactive and Total Asset Limited and was to become a publisher in its own right and publish its own titles.[4][5]


Blade Interactive was founded in 1998 by a group of industry veterans, eventually to become a specialist developer of pool and snooker games.[6] They spent three years developing the upcoming HydroEngine.[7] As part of a major expansion, Blade Interactive has established a new force in mobile game development; The new division based at Blade Interactive's new office complex in Manchester is to be known as 'BIG' (Blade Interactive Games).[8]

Blade Interactive was formally Mirage Multimedia, the studio behind Rise of the Robots 1 & 2 and the ps1/pc title Bedlam.


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The HydroEngine is a video game engine created by Blade Interactive over a period of 3 years for next-generation consoles. It has a unique capability which allows modelling of flowing water and other liquids for the first time. It is entirely dynamic, which means the effect is not repeated and thus allowing different effects each time. The engine can also interface with solid body physics engines such as Havok, which allows objects and debris to be carried with the flow.[9]


This is a list of games developed by Blade Interactive.[10]

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