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Dark Seed II is a sequel to the adventure game Dark Seed. Developed by Destiny Media Technologies and published by Cyberdreams in 1995, it features the further adventures of Mike Dawson in the "Dark World", based on the artwork of H. R. Giger and designed/written by future James Bond novelist Raymond Benson. The game was released for the Windows 3.X, Macintosh, Sega Saturn and PlayStation. The console versions, once again, were released only in Japan, and this time both versions were fully dubbed in Japanese.


Mike Dawson saved the world from the 'Ancients' in Dark Seed, but the experience causes him to have a mental breakdown. In attempt to regain his sanity he returns to his childhood home town of Crowley, Texas, and moves in with his mother. A year goes by, and Mike is still suffering from serious mental problems and memory lapses. To make matters worse, his high school girlfriend, Rita, is found murdered after their high school reunion and everyone seems to believe that Mike is the murderer. It would seem that the 'Ancients' have returned, and in order for Mike to clear his name he must venture through different realities, solve puzzles and stop the Ancients from taking over the world.

If Michael gets killed, He winds up in the Underworld, where he meets the Keeper of the Souls. She states that one day Michael will die. If Michael dies again, He will return to the Underworld and plunge into a River of Blood and then the Friendly Keeper of the Scrolls tells the Player that the Ancients have created a Monster called "The Behemoth" and that it has sucked the life force from the World.

This will also happen if Mike Dawson fails to clear the Dark world maze. He sees Rita's head in his Kitchen and she tells him about the Behemoth and that the Sword is powerful enough to kill it. The Keeper of the Scroll tells Michael to take the Shortcut through the maze. If he succeeds, he will kill the monster with the Sword given to him by the keeper of the Sword.

Afterwards, Michael blows up the Ancients Spaceship and The Keeper of the Scrolls congratulates him. But Mike's Doctor wakes him up. Mike then realises that he is the Shapeshifter and gets stabbed by him. At the end, Mike says "Too bad these stories don't always have a happy ending." then the Credits roll.

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