Dark Void Zero

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Dark Void Zero Cover.jpg
Developer(s) Other Ocean Interactive
Publisher(s) Capcom
status Status Missing
Release date DSiWare
January 18, 2010 (NA)
March 5, 2010 (EU)
iPhone OS
April 12, 2010
April 12, 2010
Genre Action/Platform
Mode(s) Single-player
Age rating(s) ESRB: Everyone
Platform(s) PC, iPhone OS, DSiWare
Arcade system Arcade System Missing
Media Download
Input Nintendo DSi
Buttons, microphone
iPhone OS
Multi-touch, microphone
Credits | Soundtrack | Codes | Walkthrough

Dark Void Zero is an platform video game released by Capcom for DSiWare download service. It was made as an April Fool's parody of the video game Dark Void and it was later decided to make it an actual title; it was promoted as a game "found" in Capcom's vault. On April 7, 2010, it was announced to be released on April 12 for the iPhone OS and on the PC through Steam.[1]

Plot[edit | edit source]

In an unspecified year, aliens, called Watchers, came from an extinct planet, searching for a new home. Then they found Earth. The military was able to hold them away from it, but then they built portals in an area in outer space, the Void. These portals linked to various locations on Earth, but they were unstable, and could not be used efficiently. But eventually, in the middle of the Void, they built a final, stable portal, which was still in the process of linking with Earth. Many skilled soldiers were sent into the Void, all of them meeting their ends. Until finally, the military sent in experts: A soldier named Rusty, who was actually born in the Void, and Nikola Tesla. Once there, they began to charge through the Watchers' forces, stealing the portal control codes from two bases set up in the void, until finally moving onto a third facility, where the main portal was kept, and where the final code was also guarded, more closely than the previous two. There, Rusty and Tesla would finally attempt to shut down the portal and save mankind.

Development[edit | edit source]

Capcom-Unity manager Seth Killian stated that Dark Void Zero started as a joke after he had heard an 8-bit rendition of Dark Void's main theme in its end credits. This song, along with the soundtrack of Dark Void Zero, was produced by Battlestar Galactica composer Bear McCreary.[2][3]

At the beginning of the game, players must blow into the Nintendo DSi's microphone to clear the dust off of an in-game cartridge, similar to how NES cartridges would have to be blown into at times.[4]

Talk show host Jimmy Fallon lent his name in the game based on a fictional story where Fallon won a contest from Capcom during his younger years. He was included in it as "Captain Jimmy Fallon".[5]

Reception[edit | edit source]

While 2D-X editor Jeffrey L. Wilson initially criticized Dark Void Zero as being exploitative of the retro gaming genre,[6] he later retracted his statement after playing it at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), commenting that it felt like an NES-era title.[4] GamePro editor Dave Rudden called it one of the coolest games at the CES, comparing it to the "Metroidvania" genre, which is a combination of the styles of Metroid and Castlevania, as well as video games such as Contra. Kombo editor David Oxford commented that Dark Void Zero was better than its parent video game, comparing it to Bionic Commando Rearmed in how both promotional games surpassed the games they were promoting.[7]

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